Sunday, September 23


With the weekend drawing to a close I have truly enjoyed the new luxury of weekends off: they should provide some stabilization to my routine. Over the next six weeks I will be running and bricking every Sunday while keeping active on Saturdays. As the weather turns, I will be forced inside and hope to establish some training partners for the cold winter nights. This whole aspect of keeping a schedule is throwing me off a little bit, but in the end it should help with structure. This mornings workout was not so hot as I fell off the pace and could not recover on the 8km tempo. But this blog is not for excuses but more for realization so I will not get into further detail.

On a side note I was speaking with Scott Curry last night about the possibility of a long ride today, I'm not yet ready for his punishment on the bike. But over the winter I hope to utilize Scott and his madness.

Saturday, September 22

Many Days In

This is my second attempt at the blog universe and with it come less philosophy and more realism. Without a doubt this blog has been inspired by several meetings with triathletes regarding marketing oneself for sponsorship. It has been tough to wrap my head around pimping myself out, but I guess it is the aggressive /clever one that reaps the rewards. I'm still unclear as to the direction of these posts but I hope that they will both inspire and educate people in the triathlon community. At this point on this day my goals lie primarily in gaining as much knowledge and networks as possible to continue to improve and compete at a high level within all three disciplines. For the winter I have set three specific goals! 1. Run and compete hard at Stewart Cup at the end of October. 2. Find as many challenges with training partners on the bike this winter that allow for a sub 1 hour 40km individual ride. 3. Refine nutrition by testing several products that allow for greater recovery and enhanced performance.

These goals follow a very similar path that would allow for a summer with travel, competition and love in 2008. I have no doubt as to my ability to reach these goals but the question of balance with the girl, friends and work that will provide my greatest mental challenge.