Monday, October 1

off season change

The world has been turned upside down by the 9-5 grind. This is the first job I have had that requires m-f / 9-5. I'm stoked cause this means I can still train with the dinos running team and allows for a mini training camp on the weekends. My stamina for the cross season is still on the low end, but I hope that within the month I can be race ready. My body is starting to settle into a routine with the early mornings and I can fall asleep with relative ease before 10pm. All this was foreign to me in the service sector which provided an inflexible schedule, random hours and a atmosphere that cherish drinking far too often.

On a side note I have begun to establish my list of triathlete contacts in Calgary and hope to push some of these guys to collaborate on training this winter. I know that the need for a better training program is out there and I believe that with a little push Calgary could become a hotbed of triathlon in Canada.

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