Monday, November 26

paid to train

Well it is official, I will be coaching and training with the Talisman Centre ETS team. 2 workouts in so far and things are great. Jack has been excellent with regards to program specifications. Training with wattage and cadence is totally new, it holds you accountable for your effort. The facility is unreal, I can't believe how stoked I'm about the upcoming season. This last weekend was the CPR training, take note of the 30 pumps. That had defiantly changed since last season.

Monday, November 19

Here is a Strech

With the Job at the Talisman Centre I will have to complete 16 hours of First Aid training this weekend. That means that the next two weeks of work are going to be full on! It will be worth it if I can get this Talisman Centre Coaching/Training up and going. The benefit to getting paid to train and work out at the best facility in Calgary will be great for next season. This will provide structure over the winter months and build a great base for next season. It will also help pay for the VW that I just bought. I'm practically gnawing at my own writs to drive the thing but I have to wait until tomorrow before the insurance goes into effect.

Tuesday, November 13

mid day energy

Prop's to the men's cross country team, Can West Title & 4th Overall! That is a serious improvement over last years 11th. This is just the beginning for the young guns on that team. Although Kerr will be impossible to replace, it takes five to score! The future of Dinos Running is strong. I just hope that when next years cross season rolls around I got the foot speed to keep up.

Big Bird News - Talisman Center is confirmed a go, I should be hitting the indoor trainer within the week. All that is needed now is a little bike TLC. Along with a lot of love for my hamstring.

Monday, November 12


whoa, things have been smokin since the last entry, another new job and a injury to boot. It is amazing the mental trip that happens when I can't work out. But to concur the mental demons I must look at what this opportunity this time off has presented. I have been able to get my nutrient levels back to where they should be, this has forced me to take a very hard look at supplements for future training. The hiatus has also allowed me time to plan next year training and racing schedule out. A few things are still in the mix, but that is too be expected. I have applied to work, volunteer and train at the Talisman Center which should fit with my schedule quite nicely. Jack VanDyk looks to have a great cycling program that I can continue to learn from. If I can head into next season healthy and strong I should be able to drop below 2 hours at Wasa.