Monday, November 12


whoa, things have been smokin since the last entry, another new job and a injury to boot. It is amazing the mental trip that happens when I can't work out. But to concur the mental demons I must look at what this opportunity this time off has presented. I have been able to get my nutrient levels back to where they should be, this has forced me to take a very hard look at supplements for future training. The hiatus has also allowed me time to plan next year training and racing schedule out. A few things are still in the mix, but that is too be expected. I have applied to work, volunteer and train at the Talisman Center which should fit with my schedule quite nicely. Jack VanDyk looks to have a great cycling program that I can continue to learn from. If I can head into next season healthy and strong I should be able to drop below 2 hours at Wasa.

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