Sunday, September 23


With the weekend drawing to a close I have truly enjoyed the new luxury of weekends off: they should provide some stabilization to my routine. Over the next six weeks I will be running and bricking every Sunday while keeping active on Saturdays. As the weather turns, I will be forced inside and hope to establish some training partners for the cold winter nights. This whole aspect of keeping a schedule is throwing me off a little bit, but in the end it should help with structure. This mornings workout was not so hot as I fell off the pace and could not recover on the 8km tempo. But this blog is not for excuses but more for realization so I will not get into further detail.

On a side note I was speaking with Scott Curry last night about the possibility of a long ride today, I'm not yet ready for his punishment on the bike. But over the winter I hope to utilize Scott and his madness.