Sunday, December 21

Bring in the New Beer

Although I went into the Christmas Season with intentions of maintaining a 75% level in my training; the beer and chocolate have taken hold. I hope to workout 3 times a week until the second of January. Until then I will drink and be merry, very merry. I guess it better then the mass market new years resolution;lose weight ( workout for two weeks - get frustrated that results are minimal - quit).

Speaking of New Years Resolutions, I have set my new goals for 2009!

1 - Laugh out loud more!
2 - Learn Drupal
3 - Stay Healthily through training season
4 - Get NCCP level 1
5 - Explore more post secondary education opportunities

Thursday, December 11

calgarys endless push

Monday, December 1

Blue Steel

The last week has seen the first setback of the 08/09 campaign, a little body cold that wreaked havoc with my resting heart rate and workout intensity. Which resulted in the completion of 50% of my workload. Thinking back on last year I was on my second serious cold of the season and barley starting training. This year has been totally different, I'm still catching the bugs that are floating around but my body is dealing with them a lot better. For that I will give thanks to USANA multi-vitamin/ antioxidant pill that I have been eating like a 90 year old that can't ingest solid food.
Last week I have a little shoot for IMPACT Magazines regarding triathlon strength for the fitness issue. The whole aspect of mind controlling the face is defiantly not my bag; not to say the photo shoots arent interesting. But I really have a difficult time focusing on a single idea (ex. ice cream) while trying to focus on posture and form.

ah the life of a male model- celery & cigarretts

Saturday, November 22


Started my third cycle this morning teaching a 2 hour group ride with the tri club. The body was a mess after taking 3 days off and hitting the staff party last night. Its odd how a fitness facility christmas party has a sketchy creamy dinner for its staff. I guess you get what you pay for and innovative heath concious food comes at a premimum.

Needless to say that my energy levels and body response were terrible during the workout. But I was pleased to see that the results of the 20 minute time trial that most of the members have improved their numbers over the past several weeks. It is these moments that truly make coaching sweet and drive me to extend my knowledge so I can maximize every workout that I deliver.

Tuesday, November 11

Alumni Challenge

Well the weekend is fast approaching, or should I say Saturday night! Really my life is still like a long weekend with sporadic bits of work here and there. But Saturday night is the Dinos swimming Alumni Challenge. "a series of 25s that will pit the old weathered skills of the Alumni against the current team that is training 20 hours per week." It will be interesting to see who has kept a reasonable fitness regime and who will hit the beer gardens!

I hoped in the pool this morning to tally a few meters before the meet and give the morning swim group a little taste of what 18 years of endless meters does to your stroke. ie - my muscle memory is set in stone and there is no stoke improvement; just maintenance. Its also kind of funny that I really can't be in the water by myself swimming for more then about 30 minutes, I just don't have the mental strength to do that anymore.

ah well, leave more time to run and bike!

Tuesday, October 28

new watch

So the last couple of days has seen a bit of dance in my step, no, not the usual double timing late night dance floor antics though. Sunnto has just agreed to sponsor me as a coach and athlete with the t6c watch. I have been playing with it over the last couple of days and can't wait to get out for a run to check my speed real time. Two other aspects of the watch really appeal to me, the EPOC morning strain gauge and the abilty to digitally log all of my workouts to see my progress.

Unfortunatly I did not get to try the watch out this past weekend at Stewart Cup cross race, but it would have been nice to see how things progressed. I will have to check the race log feature next time. 36:20 on a steep hilly course is not bad, I would really like to get things under 35:30 in the comming weeks. I guess that means a new pair of running shoes and some more hours on the war path.

Monday, October 13

another beat

Well things have officially kicked off this year quite nicely. I have been able to field 3 weeks of consistent training, with great recovery finally my heart rate has begun to settle down. Out of everything that I have been taking to balance my body the enhanced Omega 3 have been the most effective. With the aid of a coach this year I have put down 2 lactate tests, 10km run, 20 minute coggan tt and best of all a plan.

The plan has been tough nail down completely, but I'm hoping that my date with a nutritionist should round things out for documentation and logging my daily inputs and responses. Changes to my training strategy have also been centered around yoga stretch, 2-3 times per week right now. The lower back has been the most noticeable change while running, my hamstrings are loose and my stride feels more natural.

Wednesday, September 17

Week of Burn

Things all started off on Sunday this week, with the CCC 10km run. My lactate test last week did not go really well and I was projected for a 36:30. I edged that out but just barly, but with the extra 600 meters I will take the 36:15. No longer can races get away with incorrect distances, too many runner have converted to GPS or foot pods.

I will say that I felt the burn after that effort, I was in a sprint at the end with a guy from ATCO. Of which I lost. I must really take that all in stride and use this as a guide and motivation for my running this winter. I plan to tackle a 10km every 4-6 weeks to properly gauge my training.

After a quick soak in the river I have been feeling great! Lots of energy and some really great workouts. The power is slowly returning to my legs and my lungs are really comming along.

Thursday, September 11

great days!

Just looking back at the last Month, I realistically can't say that I have had one 'bad day'. Life has been a bit of a extended long weekend. With training, coaching and working at Speed Theory every day has been a bit of an adventure. The last week has really been great, I have been able to fully put my concentration to books and coaching. Jack has gone over the procedures for lactate testing, which meant that I have had two lactate tests done. The results with the bike test were better then I had expected, but the run test left much to be desired.

I'm truly excited to interpret the results under the tutelage of someone who really has experience with lactate. This will further add to the foundation of knowledge that I have been building around multi sport training.

Friday, September 5

new year

I have spent a fair amount of time over the last month rearranging my schedule and my priorities. I has truly been a transformation. With the findings from Dr. Alhan at Paradigm Health I have singled out my adrenal gland issues and have begun the repair process. The culprits have been determined - cholesterol levels and stress - and things are being adjusted accordingly. I have quit my job selling and supporting software, in the end it really did not interest me. I have taken on some more shifts with the Talisman Centre and picked up a part time job at speed theory. The changes have been great, my energy levels are returning to normal and my resting heart rate has dropped. There is still a ways to go over the next couple of months, but I'm optimistic for the next season.

On the coaching front Calgary's Jack VanDyk has agreed to monitor my program and over the year, so that I don't head into my load phase to quickly. I'm excited to set some goals and be held accountable over the season. Now its just about corralling my mind not to push things to much over the coming weeks.


Thursday, July 24

Testing Stage

While I eagerly wait the results of my blood and hormone testing, I have filled my spare time with research on recovery practices. I have been able to increase my flexibility and modify my yoga technique. I really hope that there is a quick solution for my recent sluggishness. While the Tour has been rollin along I have been reading The Millar Diaries. http://

Tuesday, July 22


Well, finally was able to see a specialist who actually know what they are talking about. Had a 1 hour consultation today that I truly believe should locate the root of my issues. While surfing today I came across this!

Thursday, July 10


Well it's official, I have hit a large slump. My training has been absolute garbage over the past 4 weeks. I have had a really tough time pushing myself, and when I'm able to overcome the barriers I have absolutely nothing left in the tank for the next day. I have begun to evaluate things, iron, supplements, oils, blood test, time off, but only time will tell. At this point I will not race the Heart of the Rockies Triathlon on July 20th as I believe it will only make things worse. I have begun to formulate a plan but the more I want to dictate this 'funk' the more I realize my control is minimal. I could go on and on about how much this effects my life but that would only drum up more funk.

I think the true answer is to get really pissed this weekend, to the point where I puke all over myself. It will work kind of like pushing the reset button on your computer.

Thursday, June 26

arm chair rollercoaster

I have finally been able to really push through the pain threshold and now my hamies are paying the price. Since last Friday I have dramatically increased my running miles and things are finally starting to turn around. I'm stocked about the upcoming weekend, going to hit the hills hard on both the run and bike. I'm attending a wedding somewhere in the middle of all that, I will use it as recovery and possibly a little carbo load! (4 beer max)

This week has been real positive around Coaching, I have been receiving some great feedback from some of my winter athletes. They have been having success in the adventure racing circuit. Last night at the brick I have also been got some positive feedback on my coaching style and program design. These little tidbits of encouragement really make a difference and drive me to learn more and push clients beyond their mental limits.

Mental Limits:

After a stirring conversation last night on the warm up for the Wednesday night brick I found myself thinking about Mental Training. The scope of this subject is obviously quite wide and would require a Doctorate in Brain Science to accurately determine cognitive strength. But from my experience athletes must first be able to push their mental barriers before to move beyond just better fitness. Speaking from experience I think of two major mental steps in my life.

1. The first time that I push passed my mental limits was on the sit up bench. I was 15, the swim group had been working the core for weeks in preparation for sit up test with our drill Sargent of a coach Serge. I remember it like yesterday, setting my mind at my goal of 45 inverted sit ups. I stepped up closed my eyes and started to pound things out. 20-30-40, at which the the subconscious says '5 more and your done', with my conscious mind saying 'you can go on forever at this pace'. Needless to say I got to about 55 and my muscles seized, I literally could not move in that direction any further.

2. Euro Trip - Biking from London to Barcelona in the summer of 05 really took my mind to a new place on several levels. With one of the highlights; riding through Normandy for 6 days while it rained none stop. Every thing that I owned was wet from my towel to my sleeping bag. There is nothing quite like falling asleep in a wet sleeping bag in wet clothes for 6 nights straight. It was about being able to put my mind in place that was not concentrated on the moment but more the experience.

These mental battles are hard to put to words, but I hope that with further thought I can describe this ladder to my clients, so they to can experience a new harmony.

Tuesday, June 17

rough waters

The surf has finally settled after the Wasa triathlon, with many points of the race to reflect upon. First, I will start with the swim which went really well, out with the big boys and was able to hold on and stay in control without over exerting myself. From there things started to slide downhill, T1 was really slow with a few mishaps even before I hit the bike. Then to my surprise when I jumped on the bike I was totally out of gas, I had a real tough time holding about 32 km per hour on the bike course and watched as a sleu of athletes zipped passed. After grinding it out for over a hour I slipped back into transition and headed out for a tough run.

Its has been a tough week trying to decipher exactly where things went wrong, I'm sure that with a little experimentation my energy level will jump back up.

Thursday, June 5

pain train

It was like I was floating through each workout last week, I would push my limits and find recovery easily. This week things have changed my legs are spent and the core has just about had it. Last night after coaching I hoped into a fartlek of 7 x 1 km repeats with 1 min rest, I was shooting for 8 but I fell off to much at # 7. This brought me up to 21 min @ pace from last weeks 18. I'm getting stoked for this weekend cause I'm heading out to Vancouver to watch the Canadian guys fight for their Olympic spot. Plus I get to hang with my home boys out in Van city, I'm sure that they will want to light things up in the evening but I will have to do my best to control the elusive 'Birdman'.

Wednesday, June 4

rough times

Had a little run in on the final lap of the crits last night. The race was called early and the pack was still really tight. Just before the final turn the pack opened up forcing me to the outside. At which point my buddy Mark was trying to sweak by, long story short he ended up in hospital with a minor concusion. All is well and at least the accident did not look like this.

Thursday, May 29

stroke theory

It has been a real treat to get some consistent one on one swim coaching with my group on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I have really been able sit down and think about stroke flaws and correction methods. My process with stroke correction has been grounded on the foundation that the number one priority for efficient movement through the water is understanding and 'feeling' your position. Following this you must understand how your pull effects your body position, specifically your arm movement from reach to hip drives your rotation and does not impede forward movement. Every day that I coach I'm able to expand my repertoire; I have begun to see the elements of 'stoke'. I truly believe that these two elements are what is needed to bring about major change.

Book tour soon to follow!

Wednesday, May 28

best day of the week

Ahhhh! The thrill of competition has flowed through my veins and touched my soul. After growing up and constantly testing my against the clock. The rare chance to push myself to the limits really add life and spark to my step. Tuesday crits went really well last night, got a great workout in and really pushed the pain threshold. I went out like rocket after the second bell lap and was caught after 1 lap by a lone rider, we were able to push the pace and come out 1-2. Although it has to be said that he smashed me on the last couple of laps. Now that my thirst for competition has been quenched I'm ready for a long sleep!

Tuesday, May 27

towing a piano

Last night, I really pushed the mind and body with a 10 x 2 min @12 mph /1 min recovery on the treadmill. It felt great to throw down on the running and the body responded really well. After that I hoped in the pool for a 3 x 4 x 100 meter set, this was my first ever set in the new pool at Talisman and the 'reef' in the middle of the pool really does not do much for speed. I spoke to a client this morning regarding my slow performance in the pool last night and he mentioned that the barometric pressure was unusually high yesterday resulting in a lack of oxygen. He said his workout felt like he was towing a piano, which I can accurately say describes my swim.

Monday, May 26

Wet Weekend

As the first race of the season approaches I find myself creating excuses for not running. I believe that there are several factors to this dilemma. First I have come back from a fairly serious hamstring injury this season and I'm skeptical that it will ever fully heal. Second I have done so much biking in the off season to stay in shape that my legs now feel like to bricks whenever I really try and push things. Third my poor showing at mothers day race has really taken a little wind out of the old sales. Ah well, time to suck it up and pound out a nice little farlek tonight. Oh ya, got the drafting license this weekend so that brings me one step closer to Nationals.


Tuesday, May 20

Golden Triangle

Still floating around after the great weekend in the mountains pounding out the Golden Triangle. It is always great to find balance between pushing the limits on the bike and getting some social time with beers in the sun. Having said that a beer never tastes as good as it does following a serious output. Looking back I would say that the highlights of the trip were the 2 climbs, first was Sinclair pass and second was the climb out of field. Both climbs highlighted my off season hours spent on the bike. I can safely say the my bike power is where I want it, now can I maintain that strength while pushing the interval training for the run?

Wednesday, May 14

The Crits

First night out at the crits, and I can't say enough about the guys putting this things on. The introduced online payment actually made it possible for the 4o or so guys to race on time. The crits are always great way to brighten up my Tuesdays, just the aspect of tearing around those corners with guys just inches away from the handle bars is a unbeatable feeling.

As for the race itself things were a little tight on the start, still dealing with the excess lactate and unproductive warm down from Sunday. At about 15 mins in I was able to find my legs and push the pace, unfortunately there are always several guys who like to just sit back and wait for the final 15 meters. Ah well I have to remind myself that I'm there for the workout more then the win.

Hopefully next week Bart is able to join in and we can get some team drafting done. It would be great to make a break with a couple of guys and really push the pace properly.

Monday, May 12

First Push

Well the first race of the season is under my belt, finished up the Mother Day Run. But finished in a world of hurt. 36.24, really not a great time all considering but not really much to expect with the amount of km's that I have logged so far. It will serve as a great reminder to step things up in the coming weeks of training. It capped off a great weekend of training with a stellar Saturday morning and core session. I will take today off as my legs feel like cement and hit the midweek mayhem tomorrow.

Friday, May 9

Everybodys workin for the weekend

2 Day of Play! I'm stoked after a great week of training. I have been able to breach the 168 hr barrier for sustained 30 min effort and my pace per Km has dropped by about 5 seconds in the last 3 weeks. I guess that's what happens when you take 2 months off running. I have been able to get a few swim workouts in this week and the shoulder pain is slowly going away. I have been out of the pool far too long this time and I'm paying the price for it. It will take some serious workouts to get back to sub 18 min form. Yesterday I was able to hold 108's for 10x 100 on the main set, but not comfortably.