Thursday, May 29

stroke theory

It has been a real treat to get some consistent one on one swim coaching with my group on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I have really been able sit down and think about stroke flaws and correction methods. My process with stroke correction has been grounded on the foundation that the number one priority for efficient movement through the water is understanding and 'feeling' your position. Following this you must understand how your pull effects your body position, specifically your arm movement from reach to hip drives your rotation and does not impede forward movement. Every day that I coach I'm able to expand my repertoire; I have begun to see the elements of 'stoke'. I truly believe that these two elements are what is needed to bring about major change.

Book tour soon to follow!

Wednesday, May 28

best day of the week

Ahhhh! The thrill of competition has flowed through my veins and touched my soul. After growing up and constantly testing my against the clock. The rare chance to push myself to the limits really add life and spark to my step. Tuesday crits went really well last night, got a great workout in and really pushed the pain threshold. I went out like rocket after the second bell lap and was caught after 1 lap by a lone rider, we were able to push the pace and come out 1-2. Although it has to be said that he smashed me on the last couple of laps. Now that my thirst for competition has been quenched I'm ready for a long sleep!

Tuesday, May 27

towing a piano

Last night, I really pushed the mind and body with a 10 x 2 min @12 mph /1 min recovery on the treadmill. It felt great to throw down on the running and the body responded really well. After that I hoped in the pool for a 3 x 4 x 100 meter set, this was my first ever set in the new pool at Talisman and the 'reef' in the middle of the pool really does not do much for speed. I spoke to a client this morning regarding my slow performance in the pool last night and he mentioned that the barometric pressure was unusually high yesterday resulting in a lack of oxygen. He said his workout felt like he was towing a piano, which I can accurately say describes my swim.

Monday, May 26

Wet Weekend

As the first race of the season approaches I find myself creating excuses for not running. I believe that there are several factors to this dilemma. First I have come back from a fairly serious hamstring injury this season and I'm skeptical that it will ever fully heal. Second I have done so much biking in the off season to stay in shape that my legs now feel like to bricks whenever I really try and push things. Third my poor showing at mothers day race has really taken a little wind out of the old sales. Ah well, time to suck it up and pound out a nice little farlek tonight. Oh ya, got the drafting license this weekend so that brings me one step closer to Nationals.


Tuesday, May 20

Golden Triangle

Still floating around after the great weekend in the mountains pounding out the Golden Triangle. It is always great to find balance between pushing the limits on the bike and getting some social time with beers in the sun. Having said that a beer never tastes as good as it does following a serious output. Looking back I would say that the highlights of the trip were the 2 climbs, first was Sinclair pass and second was the climb out of field. Both climbs highlighted my off season hours spent on the bike. I can safely say the my bike power is where I want it, now can I maintain that strength while pushing the interval training for the run?

Wednesday, May 14

The Crits

First night out at the crits, and I can't say enough about the guys putting this things on. The introduced online payment actually made it possible for the 4o or so guys to race on time. The crits are always great way to brighten up my Tuesdays, just the aspect of tearing around those corners with guys just inches away from the handle bars is a unbeatable feeling.

As for the race itself things were a little tight on the start, still dealing with the excess lactate and unproductive warm down from Sunday. At about 15 mins in I was able to find my legs and push the pace, unfortunately there are always several guys who like to just sit back and wait for the final 15 meters. Ah well I have to remind myself that I'm there for the workout more then the win.

Hopefully next week Bart is able to join in and we can get some team drafting done. It would be great to make a break with a couple of guys and really push the pace properly.

Monday, May 12

First Push

Well the first race of the season is under my belt, finished up the Mother Day Run. But finished in a world of hurt. 36.24, really not a great time all considering but not really much to expect with the amount of km's that I have logged so far. It will serve as a great reminder to step things up in the coming weeks of training. It capped off a great weekend of training with a stellar Saturday morning and core session. I will take today off as my legs feel like cement and hit the midweek mayhem tomorrow.

Friday, May 9

Everybodys workin for the weekend

2 Day of Play! I'm stoked after a great week of training. I have been able to breach the 168 hr barrier for sustained 30 min effort and my pace per Km has dropped by about 5 seconds in the last 3 weeks. I guess that's what happens when you take 2 months off running. I have been able to get a few swim workouts in this week and the shoulder pain is slowly going away. I have been out of the pool far too long this time and I'm paying the price for it. It will take some serious workouts to get back to sub 18 min form. Yesterday I was able to hold 108's for 10x 100 on the main set, but not comfortably.