Wednesday, May 28

best day of the week

Ahhhh! The thrill of competition has flowed through my veins and touched my soul. After growing up and constantly testing my against the clock. The rare chance to push myself to the limits really add life and spark to my step. Tuesday crits went really well last night, got a great workout in and really pushed the pain threshold. I went out like rocket after the second bell lap and was caught after 1 lap by a lone rider, we were able to push the pace and come out 1-2. Although it has to be said that he smashed me on the last couple of laps. Now that my thirst for competition has been quenched I'm ready for a long sleep!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So are you going to race the A group instead of the B's now that your cleaning up?

I think so... both you and Bart should be racing with the big boys!