Wednesday, May 14

The Crits

First night out at the crits, and I can't say enough about the guys putting this things on. The introduced online payment actually made it possible for the 4o or so guys to race on time. The crits are always great way to brighten up my Tuesdays, just the aspect of tearing around those corners with guys just inches away from the handle bars is a unbeatable feeling.

As for the race itself things were a little tight on the start, still dealing with the excess lactate and unproductive warm down from Sunday. At about 15 mins in I was able to find my legs and push the pace, unfortunately there are always several guys who like to just sit back and wait for the final 15 meters. Ah well I have to remind myself that I'm there for the workout more then the win.

Hopefully next week Bart is able to join in and we can get some team drafting done. It would be great to make a break with a couple of guys and really push the pace properly.

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