Thursday, June 26

arm chair rollercoaster

I have finally been able to really push through the pain threshold and now my hamies are paying the price. Since last Friday I have dramatically increased my running miles and things are finally starting to turn around. I'm stocked about the upcoming weekend, going to hit the hills hard on both the run and bike. I'm attending a wedding somewhere in the middle of all that, I will use it as recovery and possibly a little carbo load! (4 beer max)

This week has been real positive around Coaching, I have been receiving some great feedback from some of my winter athletes. They have been having success in the adventure racing circuit. Last night at the brick I have also been got some positive feedback on my coaching style and program design. These little tidbits of encouragement really make a difference and drive me to learn more and push clients beyond their mental limits.

Mental Limits:

After a stirring conversation last night on the warm up for the Wednesday night brick I found myself thinking about Mental Training. The scope of this subject is obviously quite wide and would require a Doctorate in Brain Science to accurately determine cognitive strength. But from my experience athletes must first be able to push their mental barriers before to move beyond just better fitness. Speaking from experience I think of two major mental steps in my life.

1. The first time that I push passed my mental limits was on the sit up bench. I was 15, the swim group had been working the core for weeks in preparation for sit up test with our drill Sargent of a coach Serge. I remember it like yesterday, setting my mind at my goal of 45 inverted sit ups. I stepped up closed my eyes and started to pound things out. 20-30-40, at which the the subconscious says '5 more and your done', with my conscious mind saying 'you can go on forever at this pace'. Needless to say I got to about 55 and my muscles seized, I literally could not move in that direction any further.

2. Euro Trip - Biking from London to Barcelona in the summer of 05 really took my mind to a new place on several levels. With one of the highlights; riding through Normandy for 6 days while it rained none stop. Every thing that I owned was wet from my towel to my sleeping bag. There is nothing quite like falling asleep in a wet sleeping bag in wet clothes for 6 nights straight. It was about being able to put my mind in place that was not concentrated on the moment but more the experience.

These mental battles are hard to put to words, but I hope that with further thought I can describe this ladder to my clients, so they to can experience a new harmony.

Tuesday, June 17

rough waters

The surf has finally settled after the Wasa triathlon, with many points of the race to reflect upon. First, I will start with the swim which went really well, out with the big boys and was able to hold on and stay in control without over exerting myself. From there things started to slide downhill, T1 was really slow with a few mishaps even before I hit the bike. Then to my surprise when I jumped on the bike I was totally out of gas, I had a real tough time holding about 32 km per hour on the bike course and watched as a sleu of athletes zipped passed. After grinding it out for over a hour I slipped back into transition and headed out for a tough run.

Its has been a tough week trying to decipher exactly where things went wrong, I'm sure that with a little experimentation my energy level will jump back up.

Thursday, June 5

pain train

It was like I was floating through each workout last week, I would push my limits and find recovery easily. This week things have changed my legs are spent and the core has just about had it. Last night after coaching I hoped into a fartlek of 7 x 1 km repeats with 1 min rest, I was shooting for 8 but I fell off to much at # 7. This brought me up to 21 min @ pace from last weeks 18. I'm getting stoked for this weekend cause I'm heading out to Vancouver to watch the Canadian guys fight for their Olympic spot. Plus I get to hang with my home boys out in Van city, I'm sure that they will want to light things up in the evening but I will have to do my best to control the elusive 'Birdman'.

Wednesday, June 4

rough times

Had a little run in on the final lap of the crits last night. The race was called early and the pack was still really tight. Just before the final turn the pack opened up forcing me to the outside. At which point my buddy Mark was trying to sweak by, long story short he ended up in hospital with a minor concusion. All is well and at least the accident did not look like this.