Friday, September 5

new year

I have spent a fair amount of time over the last month rearranging my schedule and my priorities. I has truly been a transformation. With the findings from Dr. Alhan at Paradigm Health I have singled out my adrenal gland issues and have begun the repair process. The culprits have been determined - cholesterol levels and stress - and things are being adjusted accordingly. I have quit my job selling and supporting software, in the end it really did not interest me. I have taken on some more shifts with the Talisman Centre and picked up a part time job at speed theory. The changes have been great, my energy levels are returning to normal and my resting heart rate has dropped. There is still a ways to go over the next couple of months, but I'm optimistic for the next season.

On the coaching front Calgary's Jack VanDyk has agreed to monitor my program and over the year, so that I don't head into my load phase to quickly. I'm excited to set some goals and be held accountable over the season. Now its just about corralling my mind not to push things to much over the coming weeks.


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