Wednesday, September 17

Week of Burn

Things all started off on Sunday this week, with the CCC 10km run. My lactate test last week did not go really well and I was projected for a 36:30. I edged that out but just barly, but with the extra 600 meters I will take the 36:15. No longer can races get away with incorrect distances, too many runner have converted to GPS or foot pods.

I will say that I felt the burn after that effort, I was in a sprint at the end with a guy from ATCO. Of which I lost. I must really take that all in stride and use this as a guide and motivation for my running this winter. I plan to tackle a 10km every 4-6 weeks to properly gauge my training.

After a quick soak in the river I have been feeling great! Lots of energy and some really great workouts. The power is slowly returning to my legs and my lungs are really comming along.

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