Tuesday, October 28

new watch

So the last couple of days has seen a bit of dance in my step, no, not the usual double timing late night dance floor antics though. Sunnto has just agreed to sponsor me as a coach and athlete with the t6c watch. I have been playing with it over the last couple of days and can't wait to get out for a run to check my speed real time. Two other aspects of the watch really appeal to me, the EPOC morning strain gauge and the abilty to digitally log all of my workouts to see my progress.

Unfortunatly I did not get to try the watch out this past weekend at Stewart Cup cross race, but it would have been nice to see how things progressed. I will have to check the race log feature next time. 36:20 on a steep hilly course is not bad, I would really like to get things under 35:30 in the comming weeks. I guess that means a new pair of running shoes and some more hours on the war path.

Monday, October 13

another beat

Well things have officially kicked off this year quite nicely. I have been able to field 3 weeks of consistent training, with great recovery finally my heart rate has begun to settle down. Out of everything that I have been taking to balance my body the enhanced Omega 3 have been the most effective. With the aid of a coach this year I have put down 2 lactate tests, 10km run, 20 minute coggan tt and best of all a plan.

The plan has been tough nail down completely, but I'm hoping that my date with a nutritionist should round things out for documentation and logging my daily inputs and responses. Changes to my training strategy have also been centered around yoga stretch, 2-3 times per week right now. The lower back has been the most noticeable change while running, my hamstrings are loose and my stride feels more natural.