Tuesday, November 11

Alumni Challenge

Well the weekend is fast approaching, or should I say Saturday night! Really my life is still like a long weekend with sporadic bits of work here and there. But Saturday night is the Dinos swimming Alumni Challenge. "a series of 25s that will pit the old weathered skills of the Alumni against the current team that is training 20 hours per week." It will be interesting to see who has kept a reasonable fitness regime and who will hit the beer gardens!

I hoped in the pool this morning to tally a few meters before the meet and give the morning swim group a little taste of what 18 years of endless meters does to your stroke. ie - my muscle memory is set in stone and there is no stoke improvement; just maintenance. Its also kind of funny that I really can't be in the water by myself swimming for more then about 30 minutes, I just don't have the mental strength to do that anymore.

ah well, leave more time to run and bike!

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