Monday, December 1

Blue Steel

The last week has seen the first setback of the 08/09 campaign, a little body cold that wreaked havoc with my resting heart rate and workout intensity. Which resulted in the completion of 50% of my workload. Thinking back on last year I was on my second serious cold of the season and barley starting training. This year has been totally different, I'm still catching the bugs that are floating around but my body is dealing with them a lot better. For that I will give thanks to USANA multi-vitamin/ antioxidant pill that I have been eating like a 90 year old that can't ingest solid food.
Last week I have a little shoot for IMPACT Magazines regarding triathlon strength for the fitness issue. The whole aspect of mind controlling the face is defiantly not my bag; not to say the photo shoots arent interesting. But I really have a difficult time focusing on a single idea (ex. ice cream) while trying to focus on posture and form.

ah the life of a male model- celery & cigarretts

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