Thursday, July 10


Well it's official, I have hit a large slump. My training has been absolute garbage over the past 4 weeks. I have had a really tough time pushing myself, and when I'm able to overcome the barriers I have absolutely nothing left in the tank for the next day. I have begun to evaluate things, iron, supplements, oils, blood test, time off, but only time will tell. At this point I will not race the Heart of the Rockies Triathlon on July 20th as I believe it will only make things worse. I have begun to formulate a plan but the more I want to dictate this 'funk' the more I realize my control is minimal. I could go on and on about how much this effects my life but that would only drum up more funk.

I think the true answer is to get really pissed this weekend, to the point where I puke all over myself. It will work kind of like pushing the reset button on your computer.