Monday, December 28


I have just returned from a Reid family Christmas in Edmonton. As my family has headed for a warmer spot down under; I was left to 'fend' for myself over the holidays. So I quickly invited myself up to Edmonton to spend a couple of days out of my element with the Reids. I did not work out once and still kept my consumption up to around 5000 calories a day. But I did end up doing a little framing on a sauna, ice fishing, playing hockey and getting into some intense board games to keep things fresh.

I'm starting to learn with every break from my typical day to day routine, how important it is to step away and as tyler durden would say 'just let go'.

Now for a completely unrelated video that I thought was neat.

Monday, December 14


Almost four years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called keratoconis. At the time the degeneration of the cornea was very mild and I was told to get some hard contact lenses and I would be fine. Since my return from Mexico I have noticed things were just not right with my vision. It has been a real mental battle to admit this to myself to seek help; and over the past five weeks I have entered the world of vision correction.

No offense to anyone practicing in the field, but I really feels like every appointment I make there is some hidden cost and refferal fee that I don't find out about until things are too late. I have already sunk serval thousand dollers into glasses and contacts which did absloutly noting but make me look smart. (if that is possible)

Today was D- day, I was finally able to get my refferal to a specialist who confirmed my 'observations'. Over the past four years my corneas have degenerated almost 10 nm (nanometer) a year. But on the bright side he offers a service that might slow or stop the degeneration. For 2500.00 an eye they will perform a Corneal Cross Linking. In which they drop riboflaven into my eye and they flash it with about 2 weeks worth of Austraillian sunlight over 30 second bursts. The b12 in the riboflaven congeals and stiffens collagen in the cornea.

After some serious reaserach I have come to the conclusion that the cross linking procedure, although very new in practice, should be a good fit.

Friday, December 11

Flat Butt

Several weeks ago I mentioned a stage 2 tendinosis in my left Achilles was holding up my run progression. Since that post I have been in and out of physio trying to get things sorted out. Frustrating to say the least as running was supposed to be a big part of the consistency for training over the winter. Although things are still early in the season, it has been hard to focus on the big picture and keep motivated. Unsure of the consequences of cycling, swimming, weights and the light running in my training; I have not been able to get 100% focused for any workout.

Today I switched physiotherapists to a more expensive renowned clinic in the city. After 90 minutes of treatment and assessment I feel confident that Im on the right road to becoming a more balanced athlete. As it turns out I really don't have the right motor patterns in my gultes. They are weak to non existent. So over the next seven day's my objective is very simple, fire the glute without firing the hip flexor. There are other components to this; but really I need to get control of my ass.

Monday, December 7

The Renaissance

Entering what I would call my second year of 'educated' coaching, I'm constantly amazed at not only the number of various endurance training philosophies but at too the degree that they counter each other. For me to go into the periodization or reverse periodization theories would be enough to put you right to sleep. (ahh sleepign, good topic for another blog) Even though I would admit that my complete knowledge and experience with any single theory is quite junior; I have been able to come up with some earth shattering conclusions for success.

1.Have the drive to set goals and follow them.

2.Recognize when you are tired and take time to recover. There is still a demarcation point (big philosophy term) to this as you don't want to bow out of every workout because you are hitting the wall. But you must be able to realize when your total stress load (life + workouts) is not allowing your body to bounce back; thus taking the time to chill.

3.Verbal and lyrical motivation can increase performance and motivation by an immeasurable factor. Time and time again I have seen athletes refocus and release endorphins to take their performance above and beyond expectation.

4.Outside observation can be a very powerful indicator for lack of drive and incoming sickness. On several occasions well before my heart rate monitor or body gives me sings that I'm battling a bug, someone in my daily circle will let me know that I'm looking tired. Sure enough two or three days later my resting heart rate will rise and if left unchecked I will get sick within about 48 hours. But through the keen observation of a coach who you see regularly the power to 'reel' someone can save a lot of grief over time.

I can't say for sure; but with a certain degree of confidence I believe that with these four pillars in any programs whether you are at high intensity or long duration or a combo thereof, success will be yours!

Wednesday, November 25

Glutton Bowl

Everyone knows the feeling when they step into a buffet and immediate panic overcome them. One thought dominates the mind and sweat beads on the brow. 'Will I be able to get enough food?'

In my glory days as a 15 year old swimer at the hight of puberty I would routinely eat everything in the fridge, ah your thinking I'm joking. With competitions every second weekend and twenty + hours of workouts per week; I was literally a machine. Almost embarrassingly so. I had a reputation in the swim community as a third and fourth helping guy. Here are some feats of Glutton Glory (110 chicken wings in one sitting, 24 inch uneatable sub in Missoula Montana, 2 shoe boxes full of fries + burgers and shake at peters drive in and lets not forget the 3 biggie size frosties from Wendy's. The old swim boys took great pride in 'getting our monies worth at every all you eat buffet.' The owner knew right away as the bunch of us pilled into a booth with our chlorinated hair and menacing grins, the restaurant was in for a long haul.

Today after a series of workouts that lasted around 4 hours I had that same old feeling in my gut. Luckily there is a great little Indian restaurant not four blocks from Talisman. Just like old times I stumbled in there at twenty after one with that same old panic and sweat on my brow. Four heaping plates of butter chicken and various curries washed down with a couple plates of fresh fruit, I was out of there!

A tribute to one of the greatest athletes of our time!

Tuesday, November 17

Bike Week

A couple of months ago I agreed to pick up some shifts at the Talisman Centre, three to be precise. Tuesday/ Thursday night spin and a Friday morning spin. I did not really put two and two together but now I have 6 separate spin sessions totalling 12 hours of bike classes for me this week. So far four hours in; things have been going great, the energy level of the new classes really gives me a nice little boost. I have been rocking the classes with a super set; 5 x (1 min @ MAP - 2 min @ E4 - 4 min @ e3 - 3 min @e2) This continuos super set you really shows what people are made of. I have a number of people fail on me but those that pushed thought really found a great deal of satisfaction.

Back in tomorrow am for a 90 min ride!

Friday, November 13

Pump it Up!

Things have been tough this week navigating around the Achilles issue, everyone I talk to has a different outlook on causes and effects. After a 40 minute barefoot run yesterday, I ruled out my running shoes as the cause and now look to build strength to combat the injury onslaught. I hit the weight room for the first time in years; i forgot how much I enjoy pumping things up and how tall and lanky really don't mix in the weight room.

In my usual fashion I went looking for a video for inspiration, After perusing the weightlifting accident section on youtube I stumbled on this one. Not really in context; but still makes your stomach turn.

Tuesday, November 10

Key Words

This year has seen a new strategy arise when it comes to marketing myself. I have enlisted a good friend at Impello Design to help me out with my brand image. With the idea that having a singular brand image; that recognition and professionalism really goes along way in the eyes of a potential sponsor. With that in mind I have begun to pay attention to key word searches from search engines along with entry links to my blog. So I guess over the next few weeks I will be adding and deleting blogs and websites in this little experiment.

One of the most interesting things that I have found with the plethora of information that the stats gives me is that 68% of the people that visit my site stay for less then 5 seconds. Of that 68% a large majority searched Bird Dance on their favorite search engine.

This is what they were really looking for! I also don't move my feet when I dance.

Sunday, November 8

stage 2 tendinosis

It hard to tell right now whether the tendinosis has been instigated by my return to running from a two month hiatus; or a old injury rearing its ugly head. I stepped out for a 70 minute run on Thursday and have been nursing the Achilles tendon all weekend. It makes for a bit of a bummer to start things off, first with a illness, now with a actual injury, I have to find other things to bide my time. Marketing and sponsor plan for 2010 is coming along and the Speed Theory TEST team have been great projects to develop my skills.

Here is a little Dave Macaskill video! Makes me want to buy a VW?

Friday, November 6

fitting end

Well Halloween marked the official end to my offseason, I will not have a alcholic drink until new years in a attempt to clean my body and build physical and mental strength.I was taken down last week by version of the flu (not swine) due to my lack of (respect and listing skills) for my body. It still amazes me how fitness gains allow a higher level of body awareness; where the littlest bumps add up so quick. I can not even imagine how smoking or constant partying over years must numb the senses so quickly.

I'm excited to receive my schedule this week from my coach, Jack VanDyk at the Talisman Centre. We have had a few sit downs to strategize how to improve my fitness, run speed and swim speed for next season. My training grounds will move this year to a separate part of the facility that allows more privacy and access to phone and computer so I can stay in touch with client and prank call friends from secure location.

In the end I will not be going 'office space' on my current computer!

Friday, October 30

Best Night of the Year!

Many people will argue that New Years, or 'their birthday' ect. are the best nights of the year. But year in year out; Halloween seems to pull through as one epic occasion. I would post pics of myself from previous years but that would just be wrong and would take this blog out of the pg rating. So in the spirt of unforgettable costumes I thought this would be appropriate.

Wednesday, October 28

TEST team

TEST Yourself!
Do you have what it takes to be on Team Elite Speed Theory?

Speed Theory is looking for high performance triathletes for the 2010 Team Elite Speed Theory (TEST). We are looking for energetic, personable, knowledgeable and successful athletes. Speed Theory will provide products for the selected athletes to use in training and racing as well as supplying deals on anything else the athlete may need. Ideal TEST athletes must have been racing for at least two years and must be placing top 5 in their age group, or competing at a provincial or national elite level. Athletes will be expected to know about and promote the products they are given. Although performance is important to the selection criteria; we are also looking for originality in each athletes approach to grow Speed Theory within the community. To apply please email a cover letter of no more than 300 words and your athletic resume to no later than November 13th.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, October 21

we shall return

As I slowly re enter society, I realize more and more how certain events in my life have dramatic effects that alter perception of my day to day operations. I have spent the first years of my adult life realizing what stress feels like and how it effects my state of mind. It was not until my body started to shut down my adrenal glands did I realize the true magnitude of stress. It may seem hokey in todays 'peer reviewed journal' society to focused inward on unmeasurable stress but the thousands of signals deserve a certain level of observation.

Where does this rant on the philosophical nature of stress go, well I have been doing a fair amount of inward reflection on what taxes me on a day to day bases and what are the true reasons why I pursue certain objectives. While my search rips at the true desires of each action, I have come to one conclusion on coaching through this inward observation.

Every day I must look at how to make each individual better; to find true self satisfaction, with the aim of providing a equal service to those who know what they want and expect alongside those who are just their for the ride. It is tough to balance my own athletic goals with that of clients but if you can find the motivation and drive within a client it can push you to new heights on those days when your head hangs a little lower then usual.

back to philosophy'

Tuesday, October 20

New Coach!

I would just like to announce that Grant Burwash is now coaching with the Talisman Triathlon Club. In its second year as a official club in Alberta; TCTC has now added a expert run coach to round out its depth in the multi-sport field. Grant brings extensive track and cross country experience along with a very prestigious race resume that includes Canadian Duathlon National Champion. Please welcome Grant to our Tuesday/Thursday morning swim sessions and Tuesday night swim/run.

Tuesday, October 13


Sunday Oct 19th

Thorncliffe Community Association
5600 Centre St. N.W. Calgary, AB
In the Thorncliffe Room

Everything must go, we need to make room for next years
samples and demos - everything at our costs!
Cash or Check only!
lO:00 am to 3:00 pm

skis, snowboards, snowboard bindings, ski wear, spring and
winter clothing, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, helmets,
watches, heart rate monitors, cycling apparel, cycling
accessories, running apparel, running shoes, XC ski apparel,
XC ski boots, XC ski accessories, XC & alpine poles.
And much more!

Featured Brands - Kelty, Atomic, Head, Sunnto, Mountain Hard Wear, Halti, Flow, Line, Scott, Volkl, Uvex, Toko

Thursday, October 1

Tuesday, September 29


3300km in 25 days of riding, my legs are full of lead and I have a few sadddle sores that are preventing me from enjoying the last remaining riding in Calgary days before the snow. I would show pictures but that is just not right. Our last few days of riding were spent in the 'city suburbs' that completly engulf the space between LA and the Mexican boarder.

Here are a couple more choice moments from the trip.

Hanging out at Deception Pass.

Our typical mid day dry everything routine.

Speedsters in the Redwoods~

California Bums

Trying to look cool in Golden Gate Park

Our favorite signs!

Mexico Baby!

All in all it was a unreal trip, looking back on the last six weeks and I could easily say that it would be the best six week combined period in my life. I would reccommend cycling through Oregon to anyone, consistently the best riding day in day out that I have done. The next adventure starts right away, I'am hyped for the new training season and to connect with friends.

Thursday, September 24


Well I can now see why the minimum recommended time for this trip is 5 weeks. Since our only rest day in San Fransisco we have pushed over 100 miles for four of the last five days and on that 'small' day that we put in a good 85 miles. Needless to say I'm starting to feel the trailer a little more. The northern California coast has been stunning, with the the redwoods and the extremely jagged shore line the riding has been challenging everyday. Here are a few highlights of the trip.

The biggest climb of the trip in the Cascades! A nice 2 hour slug fest~

A midday nap by the hood canal, in Washington St.

Here is a nice little pick of me chilling with Paul Bunyan.

Just taking a break in the middle of our 30 min pedestrian bumper fest crossing Golden Gate Bridge.

Camping in Strawberry fields.

Beaches in Big Sur.

Today on our 'little' jaunt through Los Angles we pass a older guy with coke bottle glasses rockin his hard gear on the road bike. He was holding about 33km/h and no matter what the terrain he was in his big ring just mashin it. Passing him just lit a fire under his ass as he proceeded to pass us right back mentioning how it must feel to be passed by 78 year old. I just had to snap a video of this legend.

Tomorrow San Diego and Saturday Mexico!

Saturday, September 12

Cali Baby!

Well the km's keep rollin by! The 378 miles of Oregon Coast was stunning, the landscape seemed to change every 20 miles from rainforest's to desert and back to the waves crashing on the jagged rocks below the cliffs that we climbed. The coast is swarming with bikers as the typically wide shoulders and hiker - biker camps allow for a real easy journey. You can't really beat $4 a night for a 'primitive' camp site. That was the warning at the first state campground, 'these are primitive sites and you will have to walk half a mile to the nearest showers'. Tough life when you are camping on the beach legally with free hot showers.

When we crossed the boarder from Canada to the United States the boarder guard laughed at what we were doing and in his finest US accent he said, 'You boy's won't make Oregon let alone California'. Needless to say that added a little fuel to the fire on our way down here. Currently I'm standing in a library in Eureka getting the most of my 15 minutes of free Internet.

Again my lack of pictures is quite said. Hopefully next post I will have a few to post.

Saturday, September 5

Oragon Trail!

I think before I delve into the bike trip, I would like to talk a little about the week following the ITU race. Things were a mix of ups and downs, not that the race did not go well but I have been running through things in my mind. This is key to focus and rev up my training for next year, I know that in order to fight with the top 5 guys in the country I have to be more focused and real about what I need to do. SWIM - RUN - CORE - RECOVERY

The week between Kelowna ITU and Ironman Canada was filled with a lot of beer and sleepless nights. Jevon and myself headed out for Penticton via the bike. I ended up staying with Marc and Jamie at a beautiful B&B overlooking Skaha. I spent Saturday mixing things up with a couple of friends and then took my coach Jack Van Dyk out for dinner. Ironman day was a real mix of emotions watching friends and clients out there pushing their limits. I finally understand the emotion involved with Ironman and will hit this race in the next couple of years when my training allows me to race.

Along to Mexico

We have been rolling along for the last six days starting things off in Penticton and heading west through the Cascades. We have been averaging about 130km a day and squatting just outside of small towns as we go. After 6 days without a real shower and shave we finally cracked and have hit a funky little hotel in Astoria, Oregon. The riding has been breathtaking; especially through the Cascades and the hood canal from Port Townsend to Elma. As we hit the coast today things got a little windy and we got soaked, hence we are drying things off and catching a great meal.


No pictures yet, the download cord was left in the hotel!

Catch you in a few!

Monday, August 24

ITU Canadian Nationals

The first taste of draft legal racing and I'm hooked, the speed and tactics of this kind of event really keep you on your toes. In the days leading up to the race it was announced that Simon, Brent, Kyle and Paul would all be racing the Nationals this year which only fueled added nervous excitement. The pre race meeting was really the who's who of triathlon in Canada, it was really neat to see the top 10 guys in the country all in one place.

The race was set for 1:45 pm on Sunday; a nice late start to let the age groupers and the elite women get through the course and pump up the excitement for the male race. I had a beautiful ride in from Westbank for my warm up and then went through the bike/ helmet/athlete check and proceeded to transition. This is where you get your first real taste of the crowds, there had to be 100 people just watching the guys get ready! After that I decided to find some shade and chill until marshalling.

The hype before the event was unreal, they had some serious pump up music going, enough to make my sister and mom a little flustered before the gun whet. Now this is where I get my experience swimming in packs, I have never swum with 40 guys all relatively my speed. It was complete chaos for the first 500 meters, every man fighting for that inch of space. After I rounded the buoy at the 500-meter mark I found myself just of the back of the first pack heading into the beach turn. After the 750 I was able to sneak past a few more guys and come out on the heals of Paul Tichelar in 8th.

After a great transition it was off to the bike, for the first couple of km I found myself on the back of Tichelars wheel desperately trying to catch the front pack. Once we hit the hill Paul dropped me like a sack of potatoes and I found myself riding alone for the next couple km. I eased up and let the next chase pack gobble me up. I spent the rest of the race in the lead chase pack about a minute back with Bryden, Horn and Yorke. After 6 laps of the bike course we headed out for the run.

T2 was a bit slow and I found myself about 15 feet back for Bryden and Yorke. After a cautious first couple of km, my lack of fuel on the bike started to catch up and I found myself in survival mode. I fought through the last 8 km in the run with a disappointing final leg.

All in all I came to Kelowna and did what I wanted to do, my ultimate goal was to get into the top 10; with the need to get into the top 16 so I could apply for my International Competition Card and compete for Canada on the Continental Cup Series.
16th Canadian male overall with lots of room for improvement.

Thursday, August 6

Yoga in the Park

With all of the events and great things going on it can be hard to fit everything in. The weekend looks to be especially packed so it might be a good idea to head down to the park adjacent to the Talisman Centre for 'One Breath' put on the lulelemon Calgary. There looks to be 100's of people that will come out to the event that welcomes beginners right through to advanced practitioners.

Could be a great way to meet some new and interesting people, all while starting the weekend off in style.

Bring your own mat and a gear to the west side of the Talisman Centre at 9 am Saturday August 8th.

Monday, August 3

The Last Three

Well I got into a little argument over the weekend discussing who's blog is worthless. My arguments got trumped by fellow Speed Theory athletes by the fact that I don't blog enough for people to pay attention.

Enough of the hog pogery. I will get into the last month of ripping. On July 5th I headed down to the Crowsnest pass to compete in the Sinister Seven trail race. I headed out in the evening to complete stages 6 and 7 totaling 28 km in total darkness; starting at 1 am running downhill on ATV track. After the 2 hours and 20 minutes of sensory overload I hit the wall slept for 5 hours then headed back to Calgary where I found myself stuck to the couch for the next couple of days.

The next event would be the grueling Canmore Triathlon on July 15th. The net elevation change on this course makes it one of the most unique Triathlons that I have ever done. The swim went well and I found myself alone on the bike for the first three laps, until Jamie Whyte came by like a freight train and put about a minute into me before we headed out for the run. I felt strong but could not push myself into a decent level of pain will all of the elevation changes on the run. I finished in a solid 2:01, which considering the course is not bad.

Finally I stepped out of the comfort zone and jumped into the 24 hours of adrenaline at the nordic centre. It is hard to sum up this event in a few sentences, it is truly epic and a great way to link up with friends for the weekend. Night riding is a serious sensory overload and riding 1 hours on, 3 hours off takes some getting used to. I would love to do this event every year to really give me a great refresh.

longest post ever!

Wednesday, June 24

Michael Mann - the Mann

Ok, the title is a little cheesy, but I'm stoked about checking out the new Michael Mann film this weekend Public Enemies with Christian Bale and Jonny Depp. It is the first film that he has written, directed and produced since Miami Vice and it's about time. On another Mann note, he also directed and produced these two shorts for nike.

Leave Nothing

Tuesday, June 16

When you lose, don't lose the lesson. - Dalai Lama

Well the first race of the season is done, like dinner! The overall experience was great. Things started off with my weekend sponsor, giving me a lift out in the climate controlled Range Rover to the chalet in Kimberley. All in all a great set up for the race, we spent a nice relaxing day on Saturday with some small work on the bike a quick dip in the lake. Sundays pre race went smooth and as things got started I found myself out front with Andrew Russell. Last year he spent most of the race sitting on my hip and this year I decided that it was his turn. He pulled me most of the way back and then I beat him up the beach only to have him pass me as we entered transistion. T1 went really smooth and I was off on the bike. As Russell inched away from me in the distance I stayed focused on keeping my speed any not hitting the 'red'. Seally passed me shortly after the turn around and from there I started to see my position on the bike. Overall a good time significant improvement from last year, but still room for growth. The run was another story all together, I hit the wall at about the 5km mark as my run fitness is just not there right now, that is when I popped my Enervit Cheer Pack and battled through the final km for third.

Well now its time to dig myself back into a hole of pain and refocus on the the next big one.

Monday, May 11

core training

As things start to ramp up in the training world I have been experimenting with a little core training. Just to keep things exciting I'm considering all options; there is no better place then the urban jungle to strut your stuff.

I have been cleared to run again and things are feeling great. This weekend I will be heading out to hit the golden triangle with Jevon and the family. We will be treating this one like a mini training camp with some runs and swims to top things off along with the 330km of riding over the 3 days. Should be a great time!

Sunday, April 26

A Hard Night

Typically I try and keep my social scene off this blog, or lack of it, but this one is too hard to pass up. It all starts at the yardhouse 17th for a 'couple' of beers with some friends to watch the game. Well it was a bit of a letdown and to pass the time we decided to see how many pitchers we could drink. So much for driving home! After the game ended we needed a pick me up so we hoped over the the palomino for some live band action, which turned out to be a bit of a 'oh my god this is our first gig lets invite all our friends'. We got booted out of there for yelling, and ended up at the Al cove singing karaoke (mercury blues) until we closed the place. Needless to say I maned up at night but way unable to man up in the morning. Here is a little quote that made the Herald.

Loss tests faith of Flames fans

Calgarians pin hopes on rally after 5-1 defeat


E ven before the third period ended, some Flames fans had turned their attention away from the television screens broadcasting every excruciating moment.

It was that bad for Flames faithful at the Yardhouse bar on 17th Avenue on Saturday night, as they watched Calgary get trounced by the Blackhawks in Chicago.

"Total letdown," is how Jon Bird described the game.

Hopes the Flames will win the series are not necessarily dashed, but the Blackhawks have a 3-2 series lead after crushing Calgary 5-1 Saturday night.

Even so, Bird said he's confident the team can come back to claim the series. He said the next game, to be held in Calgary, will see the Flames with fire in their eyes.

Calling himself a "serious fan," Bird, who is 26 years old, still has Flames sheets on his bed.

He reminisced Saturday about Calgary's 2004 run to the Stanley Cup final and the Red Mile legend that grew from it.

That year, he streaked wearing only a pair of tight underwear. And he said he's not above doing it again.

"I am more than prepared to do it," he said.

Sunday, April 12

good couple of days

Since my return from mexico, my training has really sprung forward. A nice little primer on Tuesday, followed by a good run Wednesday and Thursday and a unreal ride, outside on Friday. Did the old out to bragg route with a couple guys from ETS. But the highlight so far has to be the brick yesterday, after 4 weeks of failing that workout, I have finally been able to check that one as fully completed. By far one of the most mentally tough workouts that I have had to attack week after week. I'm glad that the weather has broke here and I going to start putting a lot of my active recovery minutes communing on a unicycle.

Monday, March 16


Well today my legs are burnin! I Ran the St. Paddy's Day 10km yesterday agaist some stiff competition, the boys were out quick and I just did not have the speed to stay with them. I will be chatting with coach on some stratagies to develop my running over the comming months. All in all I was about half a minutes slower then I would have liked at 35:20 but about a minutes quicker then last year, if that really means anything.

One a brigher note the Triathlon Club at Talisman is going to continue through the 2010 season, which will bring some great challenges. I wipe my brow that I get to continue to do what I love for the next year.

Friday, February 20

meat grinder

Well after a couple of hectic months I'm back to the keyboard. Only to announce that I have entered the meat grinder, the last 4 weeks has been great. I have finally been able to start pushing the limits of mind mind and body. This is my favorite phase, I look forward to these workouts all day. As I say to the guys on the Talisman Tri Club 'how often are you at a place in your day where you can push you mind like this; time to take advantage!'

Things with the Talisman Centre have been a bit up and down lately, the Tri Club is going really well and I truly enjoy coaching and fostering improvement. The facility will undergo a roof replacement for the fiscal year of 2010, so a job will be though to come by during that time, and the Tri club has not been made any promises. But on a final good note that completes the 'shit sandwich', is that I have been named one of the trainers of our DRIVEN 5 program. I have included some links to the site and to my athlete; Marc. I'm really excited about this program as I truly believe that I make a sizable difference in his performance while gaining a true friend along the way.