Friday, February 20

meat grinder

Well after a couple of hectic months I'm back to the keyboard. Only to announce that I have entered the meat grinder, the last 4 weeks has been great. I have finally been able to start pushing the limits of mind mind and body. This is my favorite phase, I look forward to these workouts all day. As I say to the guys on the Talisman Tri Club 'how often are you at a place in your day where you can push you mind like this; time to take advantage!'

Things with the Talisman Centre have been a bit up and down lately, the Tri Club is going really well and I truly enjoy coaching and fostering improvement. The facility will undergo a roof replacement for the fiscal year of 2010, so a job will be though to come by during that time, and the Tri club has not been made any promises. But on a final good note that completes the 'shit sandwich', is that I have been named one of the trainers of our DRIVEN 5 program. I have included some links to the site and to my athlete; Marc. I'm really excited about this program as I truly believe that I make a sizable difference in his performance while gaining a true friend along the way.

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