Sunday, April 26

A Hard Night

Typically I try and keep my social scene off this blog, or lack of it, but this one is too hard to pass up. It all starts at the yardhouse 17th for a 'couple' of beers with some friends to watch the game. Well it was a bit of a letdown and to pass the time we decided to see how many pitchers we could drink. So much for driving home! After the game ended we needed a pick me up so we hoped over the the palomino for some live band action, which turned out to be a bit of a 'oh my god this is our first gig lets invite all our friends'. We got booted out of there for yelling, and ended up at the Al cove singing karaoke (mercury blues) until we closed the place. Needless to say I maned up at night but way unable to man up in the morning. Here is a little quote that made the Herald.

Loss tests faith of Flames fans

Calgarians pin hopes on rally after 5-1 defeat


E ven before the third period ended, some Flames fans had turned their attention away from the television screens broadcasting every excruciating moment.

It was that bad for Flames faithful at the Yardhouse bar on 17th Avenue on Saturday night, as they watched Calgary get trounced by the Blackhawks in Chicago.

"Total letdown," is how Jon Bird described the game.

Hopes the Flames will win the series are not necessarily dashed, but the Blackhawks have a 3-2 series lead after crushing Calgary 5-1 Saturday night.

Even so, Bird said he's confident the team can come back to claim the series. He said the next game, to be held in Calgary, will see the Flames with fire in their eyes.

Calling himself a "serious fan," Bird, who is 26 years old, still has Flames sheets on his bed.

He reminisced Saturday about Calgary's 2004 run to the Stanley Cup final and the Red Mile legend that grew from it.

That year, he streaked wearing only a pair of tight underwear. And he said he's not above doing it again.

"I am more than prepared to do it," he said.

Sunday, April 12

good couple of days

Since my return from mexico, my training has really sprung forward. A nice little primer on Tuesday, followed by a good run Wednesday and Thursday and a unreal ride, outside on Friday. Did the old out to bragg route with a couple guys from ETS. But the highlight so far has to be the brick yesterday, after 4 weeks of failing that workout, I have finally been able to check that one as fully completed. By far one of the most mentally tough workouts that I have had to attack week after week. I'm glad that the weather has broke here and I going to start putting a lot of my active recovery minutes communing on a unicycle.