Wednesday, June 24

Michael Mann - the Mann

Ok, the title is a little cheesy, but I'm stoked about checking out the new Michael Mann film this weekend Public Enemies with Christian Bale and Jonny Depp. It is the first film that he has written, directed and produced since Miami Vice and it's about time. On another Mann note, he also directed and produced these two shorts for nike.

Leave Nothing

Tuesday, June 16

When you lose, don't lose the lesson. - Dalai Lama

Well the first race of the season is done, like dinner! The overall experience was great. Things started off with my weekend sponsor, giving me a lift out in the climate controlled Range Rover to the chalet in Kimberley. All in all a great set up for the race, we spent a nice relaxing day on Saturday with some small work on the bike a quick dip in the lake. Sundays pre race went smooth and as things got started I found myself out front with Andrew Russell. Last year he spent most of the race sitting on my hip and this year I decided that it was his turn. He pulled me most of the way back and then I beat him up the beach only to have him pass me as we entered transistion. T1 went really smooth and I was off on the bike. As Russell inched away from me in the distance I stayed focused on keeping my speed any not hitting the 'red'. Seally passed me shortly after the turn around and from there I started to see my position on the bike. Overall a good time significant improvement from last year, but still room for growth. The run was another story all together, I hit the wall at about the 5km mark as my run fitness is just not there right now, that is when I popped my Enervit Cheer Pack and battled through the final km for third.

Well now its time to dig myself back into a hole of pain and refocus on the the next big one.