Tuesday, September 29


3300km in 25 days of riding, my legs are full of lead and I have a few sadddle sores that are preventing me from enjoying the last remaining riding in Calgary days before the snow. I would show pictures but that is just not right. Our last few days of riding were spent in the 'city suburbs' that completly engulf the space between LA and the Mexican boarder.

Here are a couple more choice moments from the trip.

Hanging out at Deception Pass.

Our typical mid day dry everything routine.

Speedsters in the Redwoods~

California Bums

Trying to look cool in Golden Gate Park

Our favorite signs!

Mexico Baby!

All in all it was a unreal trip, looking back on the last six weeks and I could easily say that it would be the best six week combined period in my life. I would reccommend cycling through Oregon to anyone, consistently the best riding day in day out that I have done. The next adventure starts right away, I'am hyped for the new training season and to connect with friends.

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Götterdämmerung said...

Bird man, way to be! Thank you for keeping me updated. I admire your independence, and wish you all the best in your return to Calgary.