Saturday, September 12

Cali Baby!

Well the km's keep rollin by! The 378 miles of Oregon Coast was stunning, the landscape seemed to change every 20 miles from rainforest's to desert and back to the waves crashing on the jagged rocks below the cliffs that we climbed. The coast is swarming with bikers as the typically wide shoulders and hiker - biker camps allow for a real easy journey. You can't really beat $4 a night for a 'primitive' camp site. That was the warning at the first state campground, 'these are primitive sites and you will have to walk half a mile to the nearest showers'. Tough life when you are camping on the beach legally with free hot showers.

When we crossed the boarder from Canada to the United States the boarder guard laughed at what we were doing and in his finest US accent he said, 'You boy's won't make Oregon let alone California'. Needless to say that added a little fuel to the fire on our way down here. Currently I'm standing in a library in Eureka getting the most of my 15 minutes of free Internet.

Again my lack of pictures is quite said. Hopefully next post I will have a few to post.


Götterdämmerung said...

rad dude, thanks for finding the time to keep us squares up to date!

Marc Morin said...

Great to hear from you and that everything is going well! Take more photos, if not for us, for the memories. Be safe.