Saturday, September 5

Oragon Trail!

I think before I delve into the bike trip, I would like to talk a little about the week following the ITU race. Things were a mix of ups and downs, not that the race did not go well but I have been running through things in my mind. This is key to focus and rev up my training for next year, I know that in order to fight with the top 5 guys in the country I have to be more focused and real about what I need to do. SWIM - RUN - CORE - RECOVERY

The week between Kelowna ITU and Ironman Canada was filled with a lot of beer and sleepless nights. Jevon and myself headed out for Penticton via the bike. I ended up staying with Marc and Jamie at a beautiful B&B overlooking Skaha. I spent Saturday mixing things up with a couple of friends and then took my coach Jack Van Dyk out for dinner. Ironman day was a real mix of emotions watching friends and clients out there pushing their limits. I finally understand the emotion involved with Ironman and will hit this race in the next couple of years when my training allows me to race.

Along to Mexico

We have been rolling along for the last six days starting things off in Penticton and heading west through the Cascades. We have been averaging about 130km a day and squatting just outside of small towns as we go. After 6 days without a real shower and shave we finally cracked and have hit a funky little hotel in Astoria, Oregon. The riding has been breathtaking; especially through the Cascades and the hood canal from Port Townsend to Elma. As we hit the coast today things got a little windy and we got soaked, hence we are drying things off and catching a great meal.


No pictures yet, the download cord was left in the hotel!

Catch you in a few!


nversfeld said...

nice one legend. get some pictures up of the ride for us all to see.

great job on the race as well. love the swim shot with the handle bars.

Karen said...

Don't forget to hit the hiker/ bike campsites along the Oregon coast. Great place to camp, with the ocean and the seals at your doorstep.

Karen said...

Cali-don't miss the Napa Valley wine region and wine tasting. Think San Sebastian. Love that red wine!