Thursday, September 24


Well I can now see why the minimum recommended time for this trip is 5 weeks. Since our only rest day in San Fransisco we have pushed over 100 miles for four of the last five days and on that 'small' day that we put in a good 85 miles. Needless to say I'm starting to feel the trailer a little more. The northern California coast has been stunning, with the the redwoods and the extremely jagged shore line the riding has been challenging everyday. Here are a few highlights of the trip.

The biggest climb of the trip in the Cascades! A nice 2 hour slug fest~

A midday nap by the hood canal, in Washington St.

Here is a nice little pick of me chilling with Paul Bunyan.

Just taking a break in the middle of our 30 min pedestrian bumper fest crossing Golden Gate Bridge.

Camping in Strawberry fields.

Beaches in Big Sur.

Today on our 'little' jaunt through Los Angles we pass a older guy with coke bottle glasses rockin his hard gear on the road bike. He was holding about 33km/h and no matter what the terrain he was in his big ring just mashin it. Passing him just lit a fire under his ass as he proceeded to pass us right back mentioning how it must feel to be passed by 78 year old. I just had to snap a video of this legend.

Tomorrow San Diego and Saturday Mexico!

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nversfeld said...

love the video and pics

keep ripping