Friday, October 30

Best Night of the Year!

Many people will argue that New Years, or 'their birthday' ect. are the best nights of the year. But year in year out; Halloween seems to pull through as one epic occasion. I would post pics of myself from previous years but that would just be wrong and would take this blog out of the pg rating. So in the spirt of unforgettable costumes I thought this would be appropriate.

Wednesday, October 28

TEST team

TEST Yourself!
Do you have what it takes to be on Team Elite Speed Theory?

Speed Theory is looking for high performance triathletes for the 2010 Team Elite Speed Theory (TEST). We are looking for energetic, personable, knowledgeable and successful athletes. Speed Theory will provide products for the selected athletes to use in training and racing as well as supplying deals on anything else the athlete may need. Ideal TEST athletes must have been racing for at least two years and must be placing top 5 in their age group, or competing at a provincial or national elite level. Athletes will be expected to know about and promote the products they are given. Although performance is important to the selection criteria; we are also looking for originality in each athletes approach to grow Speed Theory within the community. To apply please email a cover letter of no more than 300 words and your athletic resume to no later than November 13th.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, October 21

we shall return

As I slowly re enter society, I realize more and more how certain events in my life have dramatic effects that alter perception of my day to day operations. I have spent the first years of my adult life realizing what stress feels like and how it effects my state of mind. It was not until my body started to shut down my adrenal glands did I realize the true magnitude of stress. It may seem hokey in todays 'peer reviewed journal' society to focused inward on unmeasurable stress but the thousands of signals deserve a certain level of observation.

Where does this rant on the philosophical nature of stress go, well I have been doing a fair amount of inward reflection on what taxes me on a day to day bases and what are the true reasons why I pursue certain objectives. While my search rips at the true desires of each action, I have come to one conclusion on coaching through this inward observation.

Every day I must look at how to make each individual better; to find true self satisfaction, with the aim of providing a equal service to those who know what they want and expect alongside those who are just their for the ride. It is tough to balance my own athletic goals with that of clients but if you can find the motivation and drive within a client it can push you to new heights on those days when your head hangs a little lower then usual.

back to philosophy'

Tuesday, October 20

New Coach!

I would just like to announce that Grant Burwash is now coaching with the Talisman Triathlon Club. In its second year as a official club in Alberta; TCTC has now added a expert run coach to round out its depth in the multi-sport field. Grant brings extensive track and cross country experience along with a very prestigious race resume that includes Canadian Duathlon National Champion. Please welcome Grant to our Tuesday/Thursday morning swim sessions and Tuesday night swim/run.

Tuesday, October 13


Sunday Oct 19th

Thorncliffe Community Association
5600 Centre St. N.W. Calgary, AB
In the Thorncliffe Room

Everything must go, we need to make room for next years
samples and demos - everything at our costs!
Cash or Check only!
lO:00 am to 3:00 pm

skis, snowboards, snowboard bindings, ski wear, spring and
winter clothing, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, helmets,
watches, heart rate monitors, cycling apparel, cycling
accessories, running apparel, running shoes, XC ski apparel,
XC ski boots, XC ski accessories, XC & alpine poles.
And much more!

Featured Brands - Kelty, Atomic, Head, Sunnto, Mountain Hard Wear, Halti, Flow, Line, Scott, Volkl, Uvex, Toko

Thursday, October 1