Wednesday, October 21

we shall return

As I slowly re enter society, I realize more and more how certain events in my life have dramatic effects that alter perception of my day to day operations. I have spent the first years of my adult life realizing what stress feels like and how it effects my state of mind. It was not until my body started to shut down my adrenal glands did I realize the true magnitude of stress. It may seem hokey in todays 'peer reviewed journal' society to focused inward on unmeasurable stress but the thousands of signals deserve a certain level of observation.

Where does this rant on the philosophical nature of stress go, well I have been doing a fair amount of inward reflection on what taxes me on a day to day bases and what are the true reasons why I pursue certain objectives. While my search rips at the true desires of each action, I have come to one conclusion on coaching through this inward observation.

Every day I must look at how to make each individual better; to find true self satisfaction, with the aim of providing a equal service to those who know what they want and expect alongside those who are just their for the ride. It is tough to balance my own athletic goals with that of clients but if you can find the motivation and drive within a client it can push you to new heights on those days when your head hangs a little lower then usual.

back to philosophy'

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Götterdämmerung said...

"Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever." I don't think you need to believe in that God necessarily to be in line with that thought, but I think that may be a way to articulate your viewpoint here.