Wednesday, November 25

Glutton Bowl

Everyone knows the feeling when they step into a buffet and immediate panic overcome them. One thought dominates the mind and sweat beads on the brow. 'Will I be able to get enough food?'

In my glory days as a 15 year old swimer at the hight of puberty I would routinely eat everything in the fridge, ah your thinking I'm joking. With competitions every second weekend and twenty + hours of workouts per week; I was literally a machine. Almost embarrassingly so. I had a reputation in the swim community as a third and fourth helping guy. Here are some feats of Glutton Glory (110 chicken wings in one sitting, 24 inch uneatable sub in Missoula Montana, 2 shoe boxes full of fries + burgers and shake at peters drive in and lets not forget the 3 biggie size frosties from Wendy's. The old swim boys took great pride in 'getting our monies worth at every all you eat buffet.' The owner knew right away as the bunch of us pilled into a booth with our chlorinated hair and menacing grins, the restaurant was in for a long haul.

Today after a series of workouts that lasted around 4 hours I had that same old feeling in my gut. Luckily there is a great little Indian restaurant not four blocks from Talisman. Just like old times I stumbled in there at twenty after one with that same old panic and sweat on my brow. Four heaping plates of butter chicken and various curries washed down with a couple plates of fresh fruit, I was out of there!

A tribute to one of the greatest athletes of our time!

Tuesday, November 17

Bike Week

A couple of months ago I agreed to pick up some shifts at the Talisman Centre, three to be precise. Tuesday/ Thursday night spin and a Friday morning spin. I did not really put two and two together but now I have 6 separate spin sessions totalling 12 hours of bike classes for me this week. So far four hours in; things have been going great, the energy level of the new classes really gives me a nice little boost. I have been rocking the classes with a super set; 5 x (1 min @ MAP - 2 min @ E4 - 4 min @ e3 - 3 min @e2) This continuos super set you really shows what people are made of. I have a number of people fail on me but those that pushed thought really found a great deal of satisfaction.

Back in tomorrow am for a 90 min ride!

Friday, November 13

Pump it Up!

Things have been tough this week navigating around the Achilles issue, everyone I talk to has a different outlook on causes and effects. After a 40 minute barefoot run yesterday, I ruled out my running shoes as the cause and now look to build strength to combat the injury onslaught. I hit the weight room for the first time in years; i forgot how much I enjoy pumping things up and how tall and lanky really don't mix in the weight room.

In my usual fashion I went looking for a video for inspiration, After perusing the weightlifting accident section on youtube I stumbled on this one. Not really in context; but still makes your stomach turn.

Tuesday, November 10

Key Words

This year has seen a new strategy arise when it comes to marketing myself. I have enlisted a good friend at Impello Design to help me out with my brand image. With the idea that having a singular brand image; that recognition and professionalism really goes along way in the eyes of a potential sponsor. With that in mind I have begun to pay attention to key word searches from search engines along with entry links to my blog. So I guess over the next few weeks I will be adding and deleting blogs and websites in this little experiment.

One of the most interesting things that I have found with the plethora of information that the stats gives me is that 68% of the people that visit my site stay for less then 5 seconds. Of that 68% a large majority searched Bird Dance on their favorite search engine.

This is what they were really looking for! I also don't move my feet when I dance.

Sunday, November 8

stage 2 tendinosis

It hard to tell right now whether the tendinosis has been instigated by my return to running from a two month hiatus; or a old injury rearing its ugly head. I stepped out for a 70 minute run on Thursday and have been nursing the Achilles tendon all weekend. It makes for a bit of a bummer to start things off, first with a illness, now with a actual injury, I have to find other things to bide my time. Marketing and sponsor plan for 2010 is coming along and the Speed Theory TEST team have been great projects to develop my skills.

Here is a little Dave Macaskill video! Makes me want to buy a VW?

Friday, November 6

fitting end

Well Halloween marked the official end to my offseason, I will not have a alcholic drink until new years in a attempt to clean my body and build physical and mental strength.I was taken down last week by version of the flu (not swine) due to my lack of (respect and listing skills) for my body. It still amazes me how fitness gains allow a higher level of body awareness; where the littlest bumps add up so quick. I can not even imagine how smoking or constant partying over years must numb the senses so quickly.

I'm excited to receive my schedule this week from my coach, Jack VanDyk at the Talisman Centre. We have had a few sit downs to strategize how to improve my fitness, run speed and swim speed for next season. My training grounds will move this year to a separate part of the facility that allows more privacy and access to phone and computer so I can stay in touch with client and prank call friends from secure location.

In the end I will not be going 'office space' on my current computer!