Tuesday, November 17

Bike Week

A couple of months ago I agreed to pick up some shifts at the Talisman Centre, three to be precise. Tuesday/ Thursday night spin and a Friday morning spin. I did not really put two and two together but now I have 6 separate spin sessions totalling 12 hours of bike classes for me this week. So far four hours in; things have been going great, the energy level of the new classes really gives me a nice little boost. I have been rocking the classes with a super set; 5 x (1 min @ MAP - 2 min @ E4 - 4 min @ e3 - 3 min @e2) This continuos super set you really shows what people are made of. I have a number of people fail on me but those that pushed thought really found a great deal of satisfaction.

Back in tomorrow am for a 90 min ride!

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