Friday, November 6

fitting end

Well Halloween marked the official end to my offseason, I will not have a alcholic drink until new years in a attempt to clean my body and build physical and mental strength.I was taken down last week by version of the flu (not swine) due to my lack of (respect and listing skills) for my body. It still amazes me how fitness gains allow a higher level of body awareness; where the littlest bumps add up so quick. I can not even imagine how smoking or constant partying over years must numb the senses so quickly.

I'm excited to receive my schedule this week from my coach, Jack VanDyk at the Talisman Centre. We have had a few sit downs to strategize how to improve my fitness, run speed and swim speed for next season. My training grounds will move this year to a separate part of the facility that allows more privacy and access to phone and computer so I can stay in touch with client and prank call friends from secure location.

In the end I will not be going 'office space' on my current computer!

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