Friday, December 11

Flat Butt

Several weeks ago I mentioned a stage 2 tendinosis in my left Achilles was holding up my run progression. Since that post I have been in and out of physio trying to get things sorted out. Frustrating to say the least as running was supposed to be a big part of the consistency for training over the winter. Although things are still early in the season, it has been hard to focus on the big picture and keep motivated. Unsure of the consequences of cycling, swimming, weights and the light running in my training; I have not been able to get 100% focused for any workout.

Today I switched physiotherapists to a more expensive renowned clinic in the city. After 90 minutes of treatment and assessment I feel confident that Im on the right road to becoming a more balanced athlete. As it turns out I really don't have the right motor patterns in my gultes. They are weak to non existent. So over the next seven day's my objective is very simple, fire the glute without firing the hip flexor. There are other components to this; but really I need to get control of my ass.

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nversfeld said...

do you need some of my workout ass?