Monday, August 3

The Last Three

Well I got into a little argument over the weekend discussing who's blog is worthless. My arguments got trumped by fellow Speed Theory athletes by the fact that I don't blog enough for people to pay attention.

Enough of the hog pogery. I will get into the last month of ripping. On July 5th I headed down to the Crowsnest pass to compete in the Sinister Seven trail race. I headed out in the evening to complete stages 6 and 7 totaling 28 km in total darkness; starting at 1 am running downhill on ATV track. After the 2 hours and 20 minutes of sensory overload I hit the wall slept for 5 hours then headed back to Calgary where I found myself stuck to the couch for the next couple of days.

The next event would be the grueling Canmore Triathlon on July 15th. The net elevation change on this course makes it one of the most unique Triathlons that I have ever done. The swim went well and I found myself alone on the bike for the first three laps, until Jamie Whyte came by like a freight train and put about a minute into me before we headed out for the run. I felt strong but could not push myself into a decent level of pain will all of the elevation changes on the run. I finished in a solid 2:01, which considering the course is not bad.

Finally I stepped out of the comfort zone and jumped into the 24 hours of adrenaline at the nordic centre. It is hard to sum up this event in a few sentences, it is truly epic and a great way to link up with friends for the weekend. Night riding is a serious sensory overload and riding 1 hours on, 3 hours off takes some getting used to. I would love to do this event every year to really give me a great refresh.

longest post ever!