Tuesday, November 10

Key Words

This year has seen a new strategy arise when it comes to marketing myself. I have enlisted a good friend at Impello Design to help me out with my brand image. With the idea that having a singular brand image; that recognition and professionalism really goes along way in the eyes of a potential sponsor. With that in mind I have begun to pay attention to key word searches from search engines along with entry links to my blog. So I guess over the next few weeks I will be adding and deleting blogs and websites in this little experiment.

One of the most interesting things that I have found with the plethora of information that the stats gives me is that 68% of the people that visit my site stay for less then 5 seconds. Of that 68% a large majority searched Bird Dance on their favorite search engine.

This is what they were really looking for! I also don't move my feet when I dance.