Monday, December 14


Almost four years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called keratoconis. At the time the degeneration of the cornea was very mild and I was told to get some hard contact lenses and I would be fine. Since my return from Mexico I have noticed things were just not right with my vision. It has been a real mental battle to admit this to myself to seek help; and over the past five weeks I have entered the world of vision correction.

No offense to anyone practicing in the field, but I really feels like every appointment I make there is some hidden cost and refferal fee that I don't find out about until things are too late. I have already sunk serval thousand dollers into glasses and contacts which did absloutly noting but make me look smart. (if that is possible)

Today was D- day, I was finally able to get my refferal to a specialist who confirmed my 'observations'. Over the past four years my corneas have degenerated almost 10 nm (nanometer) a year. But on the bright side he offers a service that might slow or stop the degeneration. For 2500.00 an eye they will perform a Corneal Cross Linking. In which they drop riboflaven into my eye and they flash it with about 2 weeks worth of Austraillian sunlight over 30 second bursts. The b12 in the riboflaven congeals and stiffens collagen in the cornea.

After some serious reaserach I have come to the conclusion that the cross linking procedure, although very new in practice, should be a good fit.