Tuesday, January 19

Sponsor Announcement

Last year I was fortunate enough to Swim in the Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit. I was a significant upgrade in wetsuit over my previous Blue Seventy Reaction. The reaction was my first suit and really served me well, but I had a hell of a time getting it off my ankles in transition. The Helix was a significant upgrade with better shoulder mobility and far better ankle mobility.

For 2010 I will be swimming in the updated Blue Seventy Helix again, I'm stoked!

Thanks to the team at Blue Seventy!

Thursday, January 14


Well its official, I have received my first reprimand at work, and it not for sleeping like most would guess. Normally it does not take me this long to get under someones skin but after two and a half years I got the old slap on the wrist. Now this slap came with a smile and a pat on the back (for awesomeness).

I have bit of a reputation to be a little loud when cheering people on. It what I like to call "the hockey cheer". Basically you are yelling as loud as you can to get the attention of a athlete, but instead of screaming from the third bowl well over 100 feet away, in my case I'm a little less then a foot. Most non-athletes think that I'm recidivous and I'm causing a distraction. But I have been told on numerous occasions that my cheering (yelling) has pushed people over the edge into results that they could not have imagined.

In my usual fashion I ran a time trial with a group yesterday evening, and for 20 minutes the athletes are expected too unleash everything they have to properly reflect their aerobic threshold. As the time ticks along my intensity grows and I get louder and prouder! As it happens yesterday evening a 'gentleman' from another area complained that I was a distraction to his workout and he was within inches of punching me in the face! Now to be fair I never saw the guy, but to even state that in order to solve your problem you need to punch someone in the face reflects the true character of the individual. Can we say mike tyson:

Sunday, January 10

ooooh ahhh cascade in the dishwasher

I can vividly remember running around the pool deck at the bi monthly swim meet as a ten year old taunting my rival club. ooooh ahhh cascade in the dishwasher! At the time it invoked a passion for the pool that I have not felt in a long time. A desire to get in and compete and not let guys get the better of me. As a 7 year old I even went as far as to pull of the suit of a competitor that had the audacity to try and pass me.

This week I jumped in the pool with the Cascades national development squad. Many of those same emotions of a ten year old emerged. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Although the squad is not in full rip mode right now, it was still a challenge to push through a 90 minute workout.

I'm excited by the promise of some great competition in the pool and having fun with the new schedule. Training is going to get interesting.

Monday, January 4


Well last year was my first experience making my goals public, although it was a bit daunting to throw things to the wind I found myself evaluating and expanding the goals as the year went on. Last year I stated some goals for 2009.

1 - Laugh out loud more!
2 - Learn Drupal
3 - Stay Healthily through training season
4 - Get NCCP level 1
5 - Explore more post secondary education opportunities

Yes I admit, they are quite general and really don't expose the true motivations of the bird, but it was more a test see how it would challenge my accountability.

Now for 2010

1 - NCCP level 3 Competition Coach
2 - Fix my eyes (see previous post)
3 - cook one new dish each week (keep a record)
4 - stay healthy and keep workouts fun
5 - continue to grow and build my business
6 - Race and compete on another level through extreme discipline

Here a little video that make me wish I had a tricycle!