Monday, March 15

H20 Philosophy

After swimming for the better part of my youth. Thrashing through more meters then most people will walk in their lifetime, I took several years off to get the water out of my ears. Now with triathlon swimming is my 'least favorite' discipline to train; especially on my own.

But coaching swimming is a different story. I have found a true love for the pool and the teaching the correct stroke mechanics of a efficient swim stroke. Over the last two years I have immersed myself in the coaching culture and stroke mechanics. I can honestly say that I learn a new trick to add to my 'torture bag' every week. Every action in the pool has a equal reaction (i know quite profound and original). I have become obsessed with skull and sets that induce lactic acid. It brings me great pleasure when someone beats their best GOLF score.

I have been asked several times to provide a article on bettering your swim stroke or reaching that new pb in the pool. After extensive reading and thought; my response to this is simply this. 'Get in the pool with a coach who knows and cares about your development. Hopefully they have experience, not necessarily with being fast themselves but with making people faster.'

No article will change the way you swim, you need some drill sergeant their telling you, showing you, where things are breaking down. Typically this does not happen with one lesson, especially if you have spent years learning the wrong muscle memory pattern.

Popov, the greatest sprinter of the 90's. Mimic your stroke after this guy!

Thursday, March 11

serial break up artist

Swell its official, I have just encountered Calgary's serial break up artist. So smooth, I walked away with a smile on my face. David Holmes at Tower Physio has just ended our relationship. After several months of completely embarrassing me with inadequacies in my hips and butt; he has let the bird back into the wild. That is not saying I'm fully healed or back at 100% but on track and have a new understanding of my running form. I'm getting stoked to start throwing myself back into the 'meat grinder' over the next couple of weeks.

Here's to hitting the wall!

Friday, March 5

t - rex

Well the past week has been great! The work - life balance is top notch. I'am back in the pool with Cascade twice a week and both days Dave Johnson was able to ensure that my last few lengths felt like I was swimming with t-rex arms. On Wednesday we did a nice little set of 10 x ( 4 x 25 from a dive follow up with 100 @ pace +2), lets just say I slipped a little bit between set 1 and 10.

On another note I have had several people say that I'm looking a lot like Robert Pattinson. I really had no idea who they were talking about so I had to google the guy. With over 17 million searches this he is no slouch.

Male Model here I come!