Tuesday, April 6

'its business time'

Last week was a unexpected break from the 'hectic grind' of my life long weekend. Both Endurance Training Systems and Triathon Club took a little spring break hiatus. Now typically I would be pining for my 15 seconds of fame on the beaches of Cancun. But this year I decided to mix things up.

I headed out to Vancouver Island on a little road trip to get out of the city and ride a different wave. The weather did not really hold up as storm system after storm system bashed my little tent. But in the presence of great company all is relative. As I age I continually learn more about how important it is to completely step away from the regular routine and as Tyler Durden would say 'JUST LET GO!'.

Now its time to jump back into the mix, I'm stoked to see how the body and mind respond after hitting the reset button!

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