Thursday, May 27

creative thought

The last few weeks have seen there fair share of excitement with camps in Vernon, Calgary and a little stint climbing the passes of the Golden Triangle. I have been fortunate enough with all of the added pressure to stay healthy, but doing so has me riding the knife edge.

I have had several clients and friends ask how I know when to back things off? The answer is not definite but requires a great deal of listening to my body. With that here are three signs that let me know when I'm on the edge.

1. All creative thought is lost. It is hard to read books, Paint, Write and think on a constructive basis.

2. The tickle in the back of my throat. When I get the tickle in my throat I tend to go into full attack mode; salt water naisle flush, warm salt water gargle, more sleep, extra vitamins, orange juice, ginger, honey...

3.The body will not recover. Cumulative fatigue after 5 or 6 workouts does not fade even with the use of massage, rest and active recovery.

There are scientific mean to knowing that the body requires more rest but I believe that there are warning signs that accompany or even prequel the hearts reaction to cumulative stress. Not everyone will have the same signs but testing yourself and recording thoughts and feelings during training can allow you to analyze your limits.

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