Wednesday, June 30

quebec carnage

I have always been convinced that my tolerance to the cold was large in part to my scandinavian babysitter; who in the middle of winter would nap me outside. Now I sleep with the window open until things get below minus 15 (give or take), and when the window is closed I wake up constantly with a dry throat.

I have always felt like those afternoon nap sessions in the cold allowed me to wear sandals 7 months of the year and pass along my sweater vest when my company feels a chill. But now after loosing all of my arm and leg hair in a shaving incident the combination of shade and breeze on a 25 degree day sends me running for a sweater.

I shaved my legs last weekend as was off to the land of poutine for the first ITU race of the season. After Canadian Nationals last year in Kelowna I was determined to have a better swim, bike so I was pulling out all of the stops.

With a 80 man field on a pontune start into a canal I knew things were going to get messy. I put my head down for the first 200m and pushed the pace knowing that it was worth burning a match to get out in front of the mayhem. At the 200m mark I looked up and I was solo; with a couple by meters up on the next guy. I immediately eased off the throttle and let Andrew McCartney and Kalen Darling come by, I hooked onto their feet and settled in for the rest of the swim.

On the bike the three of us worked together until about the 6 km mark where we were caught by a 15 person chase group. That group loosely worked together until the first big crash at the 30km mark of the bike. Lets just say epic; end over end carbon shards and bloody legs all over the place. This was the reason for silky smooth legs, not that mine were involved in the skin removal process.

After avoiding the 'altercation' I bridged back up to the lead pack and rode with a little more caution for the remaining 10km. With a mediocre t2 I was off to the races, I was out like a bat out of hell reeling guys in like crazy for the first 4km, then I hit the wall and suffered through the final stages.

15 overall, good for some points and experience! Next up San Francisco!

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