Sunday, June 13

race reflections

I have been thinking long and hard about this post, if I were hand writing this out my floor would be covered in frustrated little paper balls. I have read race reports in the past that deviate from what you can control into the realm of an insurances companys version of 'mother nature'. After consulting with a few key individuals in my life I have chosen to focus on how this race can fuel my fire.

The race day started off smooth, I have started to notice that my focus and ability to get my stuff in line pre race is smooth and stress free. Jumping into the water I was calm, I knew that I would be able to get away from the mayhem and get comfortable out front. As I reached the first buoy I latched onto the feet of a couple of strong young guys from the National Training Centre in Victoria. I spent the rest of the swim with the idea that I was not going to burn a match until the bike.

The bike was smooth I was able to get in the zone and push the pedals, I did not have my bike computer as it would not pick up a satellite signal the night before so I was flying blind. It is a interesting mindset out front on the bike, until I hit the turn around point I really had no idea where anybody was. By the turn around point I had put some time into the two young guys behind me and despite Marcotte the rest of the field seemed to be spread out way behind the top 5. It was great to hear people shouting out props on the way home that always jacks me up.

As I headed into t2 I felt loose and ready to rock, I was confident in my run and really excited to test things out. The first 6 km of the run felt great and like the 10km two weeks ago my form faltered and my quads tightened up. Im sure my pace per km slowed considerably over the last 4 km. At just passed the 8km mark I was passed by both of the young guns and i did not have any gears to stick with them. I finished up third overall but with a far stronger performance then last year.

Not my best day out there but some positive that I'm taking from the race.
1. My bike and swim are strong
2. I was able to get in the zone for a couple of minutes at a time.
3. My pre-race routine is really starting to click

Three things that I need to work on
1. Bike to Run fitness
2. Running School, a, b, c, and bounding
3. Increasing my running load
4. Strength training, physio, yoga

Over the past couple of seasons I have always found it challenging racing and coaching at the same event. I really feel that I can give neither my true focus. But the rewards of sharing success with the Triathlon Club are far greater then any personal victory.

Overall a good race and I'm excited to tune things going into the summer!

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