Tuesday, June 8

whats in your purse?

Throughout my life I have always raised a eyebrow when I see a woman caring around a large handbag with all of her life's needs. Mostly I just attribute it to years of residual build up. Lately I have realized that I have entered this select group of pouch barring individuals. My messenger bag has become a "man purse", now I see people raising the eyebrow at me. (could be the man purse, could be the extremely short shorts).

Now you ask, what exactly makes up the seven pound bird purse. Well,

1. 5mm allan key
2. 8m allan key (bottom bracket tightening)
3. patch kit
4. 3 tire levers
5. CO2 and chuck (empty)
6. Power Tap computer
7. Sunnto Watch
8. Spork (spoon fork)
9. Goggles
10. Eye Drops
11. Phone
12. Wallet
13. Oakley Radars
12. Close Pin?
13. Spare Tube
14. Ipod + headphones
15. 3 white board markers
16. Pen
17. 3 Power Bars
18. Granola Bar
19. Orange
20. Rear wheel skewer

Ahhh, how therapeutic!

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