Monday, July 12

Sweatin out San Fran


After a dynamite hot yoga session on Tuesday night I was finally able to step away from my race analysis and clear my head. Ever since I qualified for the continental cup circuit I have been really looking forward to my return to San Francisco. The city has such a great European vibe, unique culture and excellent food; add a dash of great company and that adds up to top notch weekend. I headed down Thursday afternoon to catch up with a new friend from a burger joint run in while I was in town last year. We talked endlessly about bikes and training, the tour and bikes sharing some great laughs and dry sarcastic humour.

Saturday afternoon arrived quickly and the race was on. After some struggles with the afternoon start time in my last two ITU races I have really grown to enjoy a sleep in, full breakfast and putting in some serious chill time before things kick off.

I knew there were going to be a couple of guys that were looking to rip the swim so I was ready to light things up for the first 200 meters after that I caught some feet and settled in. I rounded the first buoy in 5th or 6th and despite the massive amount of salt water that I inhaled came out of the water around the same position.

Exiting t1 in 4th right on the heels of McCartney we quickly over took the number two man. Ben Collins was just up the road and I wasted no time putting in a 5 min effort to real him in. Once there I took a pull and was promptly shot off the back of Collins wheel. Riding alone for two laps in a draft legal race I noticed a group of 5 gaining ground. I eased up and let them catch me so I could enjoy the spirit of some drafting comrades.

Rolling into t2 with a little shoe mishap that put me about 30 seconds back of the group that I had been riding with. A bit of a shame but a lesion learned for sure. On the run into t2 I cut my toes up and ran in soggy feet. The run was better then Montreal but still lack the pizazz that I really want. Nothing like a little fuel to the fire before 70.3.

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