Monday, August 23

the complete race

No matter what happens with this sport I don't think that I will ever put together the "complete race." A race with out error that results in flawless victory in all three disciplines. I was asked after the race what I had learned from this outing and for several hours I was in deep reflection. With so many 'errors' at my previous races it was easy to pin point areas for improvement. Nationals was different, the race went smooth right from the horn. No real hiccups, no errors in judgement. But still lessons to be learned.

My goals for 2010 have shifted as the year has progressed; now I look at a bigger more distinct goal of representing Canada on the biggest triathlon stages this planet can offer. I knew going into the race that I would be out with the leaders on the swim and rumours of attacks on the bike had me excited. Lesson number one, if you want to attack find a couple of wiling compadres and chat with them before the race. After a few failed attempts to get away the bike pace mellowed and it was time for the run. I was bound and determined to have a better run then Quebec and San Francisco, my goal was to stay with Andrew Russell keeping my tempo up while trying to stay light. Things went well for the first 5 km then Russell put in a little burst and I was running alone.

All in all a much better mindset during the race and I'm excited to spend the week in Kelowna exploring new roads and waking up with some lake swims in the am!


MORE PICTURES (thanks to my official race photographer)


Jevon Almond said...

awesome bro. exciting to see what 2011 brings!

Hillary said...

Congrats Jon for a great race. Glad you had a great pit crew with you!

Canadian Mum said...

Well done Jon!
Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures taken by your race photographer :>
Keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy good work. How do I contact you other than this?

Blair Hughes

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy good work. How do I contact you other than this?

Blair Hughes