Monday, August 2

fittest guy I know

My approach to the 70.3 this year was much the same as my foray into Olympic distance racing; minus the white spandex underwear and wife beater. Keep the swim relaxed and strong; sit on a hip and keep the heart race low. On the bike; ride as hard as I can until North Glenmore park. Then I was going to try and rock my goal run pace until I hit the wall. Things went according to plan after the running climb out of the Weaslehead things were breaking down. 10th overall leaves happy with some new realizations but still looking for more, lots more.

The half ironman distance allowed me to uncover some new strengths and weakness in my current state. My motto this year has become the "the fittest guy I know." The bike really uncovered some new visions what kind of watts per kilogram one needs to be competitive. My hat is off to the crew of guys who allowed me to uncover a new gear. I was faster at 70.3 average speed then Wasa.

pain face

Overall a great start into longer distance racing; I quickly found myself questioning my ability to race longer. My thoughts; one needs to be able to swim 1:14s staying relaxed and smooth for 1900m. Attain at least 5.5 watts per kg on the bike. As for the run the jury is out on that speed but it looks like 3:36 minutes kilometres will put you in contention. Numbers like that with a little experience could make a solid weapon at 70.3.



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Bird Irons Out The Details!

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