Thursday, September 2

faded but elated

The week following Nationals was filled with many highs and lows. The pending pressure of an upcoming race combined with the strict diet and discipline that comes with preparing the body called for a for intense training followed up with a lot of really low key chilling. With the race over it was time to say goodbye to my girl who was off to lead trips in Italy for 7 weeks. Monday was tough, a tough morning with tears, trying to really appreciate every last second, a tough goodbye and then the hard realization that I would not see here for over 60 days.

The next few days were filled with early morning lake swims where 3 or 4 km felt like 500 meters in a pool. Then it was off to explore the whole Okanagan vally by bike, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Oysoyos. Tons of great riding working on staying fit and regaining the bounce in my step.

The following weekend it was off to IMC. Several athletes that I coach were in the event and it was also a chance to climb up Green Mountain Road to explore the back half of Yellow Lake. After attending Ironman last year with Marc I have now made it a priority to attending the first ironman of my athletes, it brings so much joy as years of work are tested in one of the toughest endurance races the world can offer.

To tell the story of Dorrie one could start at the begining of her triathlon dreams. With a background in Water Polo, Body Building, Softball and Running; triathlon was another challenge; an experience and lifestyle that she longed to taste. I first met Dorrie at a Triathlon Club BBQ in Bowness in the fall of 2008, she was all smiles and was a sponge for knowledge. When she came to practice there was no fooling around, she wanted results! She was a amazing swimmer naturally whooping most of the group every workout.

Over the past couple years we have had many highs and lows with training and racing. But that has made this journey so sweet. In the last 8 months alone she has battled through a sever case of patella femoral in her knee, a crippling fear of open water swimming and a separated shoulder just 6 weeks ago. Through all of the tough times finishing Ironman was never questioned, it was set as the number one goal for the year and it would be accomplished. This past couple of years working with Dorrie I have gained so much respect for her determination and drive, I has inspired me in many workouts and pushed me when I needed it the most.

Congratulation to Dorrie on crushing her projected time while maintaining a smile on her face!

Congratulation also goes out to Jack, Ted T, Ted C, Kevin, Max, Ross, Faizel, Dan or their Ironman finishes and the rest of the Talisman Centre Triathlon Club who had an amazing year! Props also goes out to Kyle Marcotte for a personal best time, fifth place finish and top Canadian.

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