Friday, October 29

double time!

Sentinel Pass
Rather then recap the deviation from my usual routine over the last month I figured I will give you the 1000 word version. Early October saw some wicked trips to the mountains for some long day hikes with the boy's. Up over Sentinel Pass for a good 7 hour kicker followed up a couple days later with a hike up Ribbon Creek to feel the onset of winter.
deep in thought
chain scramble
Then it was off to the land of gluten. Wheat, wheat and more wheat rolling through the hills of Italy. Through Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Venice and Rome.
cool couple in florence
love that has been locked

cinque terre

Now its time to get back to business, and with the help of my new online strength coach I will get my grove back and have that washboard stomach that I have been after.


Cindy said...

maybe we could get you to demo for us on sat morning - i'm not convinced white boys can bust those moves...

Canadian Mum said...

Shaun T... Jon B...
Are you two hip hop soul mates?
Where can I sign up?
I want those washboard abs.. even at my age :>