Thursday, February 4

More Personal

I have had some requests to make things a little more personal on the blog lately. Not really the 'love life' aspect but more what is happening on the training day to day. Now this can get a little complicated, first off I feel odd about sharing my 'secrets' with every triathlete out there. That is what I get paid for! On a second note I find that when athletes post 'numbers' on their blog; often time they are used to intimidate the competition.

Last year I can vividly remember checking out Paul Tichelaar's blog, and when I jumped on his wheel after the swim at Nationals last year all I could think was how high his aerobic threshold watts were. Not really what you want spinning through your head while you try and hold a wheel.

I don't think this was Paul's purpose for stating numbers but it worked. Now I know what to shoot for this year wattage wise.

January training went well, starting to bring running back into the mix. I timed my training load perfectly. Hit the wall after about 18 days and backed off at just the right time. Unfortunately the following week saw a little bit to much added stress and lack of sleep and the sickness hit. After 3 days of light workouts, I'm starting back into the mix.

This weekend I'm off to see Race Across the Sky: