Tuesday, February 9

the numbers

As the sickness has started to fade I have been able to start building the intensity and duration back into my workouts. Last night I had my usual Monday spin class and after 5 weeks of classes it was time to re-test my 'peeps'. Out of the 15 people that tested last night I had 11 personal best 20 min time trial average numbers. Needless to say there were a fair number of people going to bed with a smile on there face.

Usually I don't test with the class and end up just jumping off my bike and yelling at them. Hence the reprimand; but I was feeling good. So I dropped the hammer, now like I said I'm not putting any number down here. But I will say that my critical power was 78% of my anaerobic threshold. So over the next 6 to 8 weeks I will be ripping some speed work to try and tow my anaerobic threshold up. Ahh the meat grinder!

This george hincapie documentary looks cool, but not $30.00 plus shipping cool!