Wednesday, February 24

Lack of Class

Why did you risk it all,and fall, when you were in contention for the bronze?

Cause I was skiing for Gold!

Many will say that CTV coverage of the 2010 Olympic Games has been far superior in both depth and style to the coverage of previous games by our beloved CBC. On this point I will wholeheartedly agree, it has been great to skip by the figure skating and watch cross country skiing, aerials and ice dancing! The segments on the equipment of the games, technology and the 'difference makers' have really struck a cord with the public, generating far more interest in each sport then previously seen before. (at least for the next few days).

But here is a message for the reporters that are interrogating athletes between heats and finals. I cringe when I hear you ask, now that two of the four heats are done and you are 'on top the podium' what is you thoughts on winning. Or 'you are heading into the finals in second what will it take to unseat the gold'. Stop trying to get into our athletes heads during competition, it is not the time for 'groundbreaking journalism'. These reporters clearly have no idea what is going through a athletes head in the midst of competition. The athletes at the Games have some of the most interesting and unique lives of anyone that you will ever interview. What about asking, "What is your routine to focus before a competition' or 'what did you have for breakfast' or 'what is one of the toughest workouts that you can draw confidence from before competition.' Get the athlete thinking about their preparation and dedication to the sport while stepping outside the box and creating a list of questions that have not been asked by your predecessors to get people off their game.

Now I don't have a degree in journalism (hence the blog) but I do read (sometimes) and feel that I have a much better sense of the effects of what the athletes and public want.

Rant, Rant, Rant