Wednesday, April 7

New Look Bird

Last year I was fortunate enough to coach Marc Morin through a journey to Ironman Canada that will be etched into my brain for some time. The emotional ups and downs with the triumphs and hardships that came from sharing that journey added depth to my passion for triathlon and coaching. As Marc crossed the finish line last August I was overcome with a wave of emotion, I did not think twice about giving a man a great big bear hug even though he was covered in sweat and snot. It was truly a special moment in my coaching carrier.

Since my return from Mexico in October Marc and his peeps at Impello Marketing and Design have given my image a bit of a makeover. We have created a BIRDDANCE logo for my sponsorship package and business, and built a great design for a race kit, (details soon to follow). All I asked was for something that was clean and slick and looked like the logo from my favourite movie as a child CONDORMAN.