Wednesday, April 21


All my life I have had basically two nicknames, Bird (how original) and Birdman. When I was in elementary school I hated my last name, I let it get under my skin. But over the years I have come to love it. To the point where the last 4 digits of my phone number are bird, my answering machine has a bird call that greets you; I could go on but it would just make me look absolutely ridiculous.

For the third time in my life I have been given a nickname that really strikes a cord. As I entered the main set of the Cascade workout yesterday afternoon Dave Johnson called me out,"l'oiseau" (Wah-zoh), "are you going to drop like a rock like last week or are we going to see you fly!" I smile, little does he know I have been in the water 4 times since my complete failure last Wednesday. Logging 18km of stroke work for stamina. He has just added fuel to the failure fire that has been driving me the last 7 days. I finished 75 minutes of the 90 minute workout before I lay on the pool deck like a fish after catch and release, momentarily stunned but stoked that life will continue!

Swimming with these little phonemes constantly humbles me. Every workout someone steps up and absolutely knocks the wind out of my true fitness level in the pool. There are only so many times you can tell yourself, "lets wait to see how they do on the bike."